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12-10-12, 04:31 PM
Hello fellow ADD / ADHDers!

I've tried every (seriously, EVERY) To-Do List and Time Management program available and none of them worked for me. I would waste so much time adding, deleting and prioritizing things that it distracted me from the actual tasks themselves.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, so I developed an algorithm-based To-Do List that automatically reprioritizes your To-Do's based on several factors, including the Due Date.

Before moving forward with development of this app (both mobile and web-based) I'd like to know what you think.

Would having a To-Do List that automatically reprioritizes your tasks for you as you add or complete / delete them be helpful to you?

Is there anything else that you wish your current time or task management system offered?

Thank you very much for your feedback!


12-10-12, 06:35 PM
There are many ways & variations of thinking about this. Most have already been done.

In connection with your particular idea, it would be nice if tasks below a certain priority level were hidden from view.

But REALLY what I need is a task management system that comes and finds me wherever I am, and shows itself to me, ten minutes before I'm going to have really really wished I had looked at it. :)

12-13-12, 04:34 AM
Unfortunately, I use several methods at various times, but I still believe that it my favorite functions of each one could be rolled into one, I could cure cancer, eradicate world hunger, and give the Indians back their land. Here are some of my favorite features of tools I use:

Top 3 - focuses just on the top 3 things you need to do - asks you at the beginning, middle and end of the day how you are doing on completing your top 3 (you set the the timer) - it also logs your statistics on completion...unfortunately, this is a de-motivator for me because I don't use it often enough to have great stats.

Round2it - this is my go to - I have several lists - daily (things like checking the mail and making sure my doors are locked at night, along with 72 other things on my wish list) I keep my grocery list, errand list, call list that i can connect to the contact on my phone, any type of list you want really. Reminders pop up 30 minutes before the due time and continue to pop up until you mark it complete. You can have recurring events at any interval (water my plants once a week, run a cleaner through my washing machine once a month, etc) You can also email lists to yourself, upload them to an excel spreadsheet, or even download through excel.

Toggl - times your current activity.

I wish Round2it had:
- Top 3 (hmmm...I could create that list on there, huh?)
- a timer (just helps me focus if I'm timing myself)
- a "task completed" time - either complete or dismissed in my case
- a reporting statistical feature #/5 tasks complete #/%
- a calendar display
- and drum roll please....THIS would be what would really motivate..a way to share your stats to social media. That accountability of knowing your stats of what you got done and didn't would be shared publicly would be HUGE. Maybe it isn't FB, or twitter, maybe it's a site dedicated to users.

I'll run the test version to help you get the bugs out!

12-13-12, 04:39 AM
oh, and if you could add a shock color as an optional feature...maybe just a bracelet, fashionable of course. It could have a gentle buzz as a reminder and if you go past time...the consequences would be electrifying. LOL ('s late...I'm slap happy) and I'm only half kidding, I've thought about one of those watches to help me realize the time!