View Full Version : Effexor or ssri which one and what time

12-11-12, 10:24 PM
Which one calms you down without zapping you and making you a drone ? Hit me up with answers u need to fix this because I am awesome and don't wanta kill time . I am basically stalling from being too scared to be social and be more gregarious and less self reflection . Lets go

12-17-12, 10:31 PM
Man you guys suck.

12-19-12, 08:08 PM
:P My doctor recently suggested a drastic overhaul with my medications and have me on Effexor (says it's stronger or more effective for the more severely depressed or the ones that are "treatment-resistant"), possibly tacking on Abilify or Lamictal or whatever. I am afraid of switching to Effexor because of its notoriety regarding SSRI discontinuation, as it's an SNRI and more difficult to adjust tapering off of. Blah. I could use some help too.

12-19-12, 08:34 PM
I am on cymbalta 60mg. I stopped taking abilify because of weight gain. I was on zoloft it worked for a while but then I had what they call a gray feeling, not happy not sad just very blah. Was on prozac during pregnancy and it did nothing for me. All meds work differently for everyone. It's a trial and error game... I am also thinking I need to change some of my meds. Good luck.

12-20-12, 12:34 AM
Not sure effexor works but I do think it makes people fat