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12-12-12, 03:36 AM
I was diagnosed with ADD-PI, OCD and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) as a teenager nearly a decade ago. I've recently started to realize some of my compulsions seem to be more along the lines of a tic than obsessions. I generally don't obsessively think about one thing repeatedly day in day out and as I've aged, I"ve learned to ignore the irrational thoughts...if I do X, Y will happen.

I've been on loads of ADHD medications, SSRIs, Clomipramine, Clonidine (low dosage), clonazepam, etc. with very little consistent success in treating my ability to focus and process information competently on a consistent basis. Sometimes the words' meanings just flow into my mind off the page and other times I'm extremely slow to process the information, if at all. It's like there's a block in my automatic decoder of the meaning of words (visual and auditory) at times. Once I know what the hell is going on, I can analyze it just as well, if not better, than the average person with similar background & education.

Anyway, I've been starting to to look into treating my tourette's related symptoms in hopes that it may be at least part of the key to a future of consistently able to pay attention to school work, or anything for that matter. What sort of medications are often effective for someone with tourrette's & other psychiatric disorders? (particularly as pertaining to attention issues) I'm currently prescribed 2x.2mg clonidine, 75mg clomipramine and Adderall XR as needed with some mixed success but nothing consistent yet. Any help or insights are greatly appreciated!

12-12-12, 05:42 AM
I've heard clonidine can help with tics

12-12-12, 11:26 AM
The combo you're taking seems pretty typical for your "package" of psych issues -- a stimulant for the ADHD, clomipramine for OCD, clonidine for tics/ADHD. I'm taking a similar combination (but with Concerta instead of Adderall and an SSRI instead of clomipramine).

If it's not working well for you, maybe you could try swapping out any one of those medications for another one. If the ADHD is posing the biggest problem right now, looking at an increased dose of Adderall or a different stimulant might be a good place to start -- assuming that won't make the OCD/tics worse for you.

As you know by now, "your mileage may vary" on any given med, but it just gets more complicated when you are dealing with multiple medications. Sometimes, when you feel like you've exhausted your options, it can be helpful to start over with a cleaner slate, possibly even reducing the number of meds (but obviously under a doctor's supervision and only if you can do so safely/healthily).

Have you done any CBT for the tics or OCD, specifically? Targeted CBT (habit reversal training for tics and exposure and response prevention for compulsions) with a trained therapist seems to be about as effective as medication in controlling some of these symptoms, it seems. For some people, they may even reduce the need for meds. But it has to be specific for your symptoms. (And that being said, it also seems that behaviors on the border between tics and compulsions are more difficult to treat than behaviors that are more clearly one or the other.)

For processing issues, have you been evaluated for learning disabilities? Super-common with ADHD, tics, etc. Some of that may be amenable to specific tricks for circumventing whatever specific processing areas are a problem. Technology can sometimes be helpful in this regard, getting around cognitive glitches. But other things fall into the "it stinks, but you just have to learn to live with it" category.

Do you have to do a lot of reading? Field questions quickly? Maybe there are ways to buy yourself the time you need to process things fully.

I'm still sorting out a lot of this, myself...let me know if you happen upon anything great!

Good luck!