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12-13-12, 01:19 AM
I have a lot of issues with this. I dont know that it really causes any problems, per se, but its weird. I dont talk about it alot with my husband but he teases me some times about the desire to be touching something soft all the time.

Does anyone else do this? My sister in law works with special needs kids and she said the majority of them have sensory issues going on. What causes that, do you suppose?

Is it because i just enjoy the feel of something, it is a way to self-soothe, or the familiarity of certain things is comforting?


I used to have an issue with pudding and yogurt. The feel of it grossed me out. It doesnt bother me any more. About the only things i wont eat are beets and hominy.

I am extremely particular about this. When i am relaxing, i want to have a soft blanket. It must be warm, but not too heavy, or anything that creeps me out, like idk....that stuff alot of coats are made out of...idk what you call it. My bedding is all really soft, and plushy, and my pillows have to be a certain way. They cant be too fat or too thin. Its a big deal. I cant sleep if it isnt right. I used to have to have the pillows a certain way to sleep, but i have gotten over that to some extent. However, i still generally sleep on my stomach, facing to the left somewhat. I have this special little blanket that is soft beyond belief. I have it in my chair, and it goes to bed with me at night. I will lay in bed and caress it sort of, or just have it up against me. I also have a pilow that is covered in fake fur, and that has to be under my knees if we are watching tv. I am picky about laundry soap and fabric softener, and if it is warm enough, this has to all be line dried.
Socks are a big deal. The only socks i like are the little socks that are stretchy and not very long. It has to be so i cant feel the toe seam. I like neon colored socks, and i like fuzzy socks if i am at home.
Tags are a big deal. My jeans or sweats or whatever i am wearing, the waistband CANNOT touch my belly button. I prefer low rise jeans for this reason, and with sweats or pajamas it doesnt matter but NOTHING better be touching my belly button.
Soaps, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, cosmetics....all of these i have definite preferences for certain kinds.
If we go in a store and i see something soft looking or otherwise that makes me want to touch it, i have to do so. If i am in the toy aisle, all toys that make a noise must be pushed.

Candles or some other thing that makes a nice smell is important. This is important in all rooms of the house. I like the smell of Febreeze a great deal, but it doesnt seem to stay around. I like Mrs Meyers lavender cleaning products. I will shop around to find this particular brand. Other than this cleaning product, i intensely dislike floral scents. I rarely wear perfume for this reason, and some perfumes give me a headache and stuff me up. I have a strong preference for fruit scents, and after that, probably either smells like "sugar cookie" or "peach cobbler" type things. Then, fresh smells like the ocean or clean laundry or pine trees. Other smells, no thanks. Anything that smells like apples, peaches, apricots, mango, berries, etc goes directly to the front of the line.
Any clothes or bedding must smell really good. I like certain beauty and hair products due to certain fragrances.

I can have piles of paper laying around, dirty dishes, stacks of work that need done, but i can zone out and just sit in the chair before bed and just smell and pet my blanket.

I make sure to NOT be weird like that if anyone is around. My husband is used to the crazy, though.

Phoenix Ash
12-13-12, 03:08 AM
I'm similar in a lot of ways, though maybe not as intense about it.

I don't really have any food issues, but I have a thing about touch, for sure. I never thought of it as weird, really -- I just consider myself to be highly tactile. I love yummy feeling fabrics and find it difficult not to touch things in stores. I've gotten a bit better about it, though -- maybe because I already own so many delicious blankies.

I'm also picky about bedding, pillows, tags, socks... My clothing must be comfortable and must not hug my limbs too closely.

I can't stand it if my skin feels dry. Lotion is an absolute requirement.

I love sweet smells and fruity smells, like you, too. Can't stand florals. Ugh. Why is it no man-made floral is ever remotely acceptable??

I do enjoy the smell of real flowers, though. Night-blooming jasmine is my favorite smell in all the world. I could die happy if it was in a field of that stuff!