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12-13-12, 11:52 AM
I'm not sure where to put this actually, so mods, please feel free to move this if need be. I found my report from testing when I was younger and it said I had a Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. What I'm reading online mostly applies to children, so I'm trying to find things geared towards adults. I'm actually wondering if this is my main problem not ADHD, though I was diagnosed with that as well.

Anyone on the forum have this? I can't seem to find much research or information on it. From what it says about it online, I realize it has affected my life greatly. Things that I thought wre just wrong with me actually have a reason now. It makes sense as to why this one school was horrible for me and why I had so much trouble there.

I'm thinking about getting re-tested again but I don't know if it's worth the out of pocket expense. I'm a little angry that I was diagnosed with this but nothing was done about it. For me own sanity, I'd like to have it reconfirmed.

Anyone else heard of this or has it?

mrs. dobbs
12-13-12, 02:30 PM
I have heard of this and I've wondered if I have it.

I fit many of the criteria except that my abstract reasoning is ok. But poor reading comprehension (and listening comprehension) in spite of high verbal ability (at least as a young person) is right on, along with poor coordination and problems with social skills. I even saw one list that mentioned developing agoraphobia from anxiety of living with nvld.

It's amazing that you found this diagnosis from when you were young! That like a small bit of gold to have evidence like that. I am with you, angry that nothing was done about it.

Please get it reconfirmed. Is it possible you can take some classes at a local college and gain access to their assessment resources?

12-13-12, 04:02 PM
I fit many of the criteria as well. . .

There have been a couple of threads on this in the past:

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12-07-14, 02:22 AM
I do! :-) Still learning about it. I've been diagnosed since I was 8 but I just kind of ignored and forgot about it until recently.