View Full Version : Pittsburgh Pa help ADD, anxiety?

12-17-12, 01:02 PM
Hello everyone,
Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this. I currently see a psychiatrist that I am not happy with (for many reasons). I have been seeing him for about 10 years and since the first meeting I have been unhappy. I kept putting off trying to find a new Doctor. I am finally looking into finding a new Dr but am having no luck. About 2 years ago I brought up to that I feel I have ADD. Well he recommended me to a place to get tested and I did. His script for the person giving the test stated a learning disability and ADHD. After the test the Dr said I have a normal IQ and I do not have a learning disability. The day I took the test I was an emotional wreck (crying etc) and don't know how that was portrayed to the evaluator. The results were giving to my psych and I went to a regular appt w/ my him a little while after he received the results. The only thing he said to me about the test was "I see you have a problem w/ math". And that was the end of it. I'm in my thirties and recently decided to make a huge move and go back to school. The problems are all still there and it's just making realize how there is and has always been a problem. Well I started really looking into ADD and decided that what my Dr did was not fair. I read there is no specific test to determine ADD and I feel my Dr should have evaluated me and looked into things further. I also have a history of anxiety which my psych does not treat me for. I don't know if it could be both, one? I could go on about this for awhile but don't wanna make it to long where people won't wanna read it. If anyone can recommend a psychiatrist in the Pittsburgh Pa area that will listen to me and be able to give me a thorough evaluation and a possible diagnosis. Any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you