View Full Version : unscatered attention through tierdness ?

12-21-12, 05:12 AM
If we take meds and it effects us, or we take acohol and it effects us, not to compare, but how does a lack or too much sleep effect us.

The past few days I have been going on a minimal amount of sleep. I honestly have not been so tired in my life. I usually try to fight this and catch up. but this time i decided not to (based on unrealted theories)

Any ways today I noticed something interesting happen to my attention.
Im not sure how to explain it, But all of a sudden its like I had a connection with people. I noticed people noticing me and I remembered them. when I saw them again in the mall I recognized them !

Also I noticed them recognize me and take a bit of interest in me females over males.

I have never had this or realized this before. I honestly think that it was not related to the sleep issue. I went to the bathroom to see if there was something on my face or my eyes were blood red. they seemed OK.

I could say that this happned to just about every one I cam accross (at least the females)

There were also some external factors, My clothes, I was wearing my hat which i typically do not do indoors. This was a mall I never go to and has a very different clientèle.

I guess it is possible that I noticed people and remembered them because they looked at me.

But lack of sleep is said to make people less attentive, (i know meds are said to make you more attentive) but both play a part in attention.

So one would expect a strong reaction to lack of sleep in ADHD

As for the fact that meds help you focus and sleep is said to do the opposite, I am putting that aside for now.

(There just is too many thing that make me wonder if it helps us focus more or helps of focus less. The definitition of what a med actually does I find is still not well defined. But the out come is clear more focus. but words like focus attention over thinking under-thinking are all subjective and I do not think it is that clear)

(It could even be that SOME meds help us focus cause they effect our sleep which in turn effects our attention?)

(paragrphs in bracets shoud not be quoted as they are not related to the topic at hand they are just there to give an idea of thought process and are probably wrong !)

So how does a lack of sleep effect your life. this is over a week of either sleeping a few hours or not sleeping. I think I have not slept in the past 48 ?

I maintain that FROM WHAT I KNOW , the science of sleep is really far behind in that we do not know what it is needed for. We only assume that it is needed to recalibrate the brain, I find this a weak argument and an insult to man kind lol --- if you need to quote from mere please include the part in caps!!

So has any one else tried not to sleep

I am not talking about takeing a pill to do it . Welbutrin let me live comfortably off 6 hours of sleep(half what i was getting ) That was not the same thing. This is actively trying to stay up and getting minimum amount of sleep

Speaking of welbutrin (prescribed for ADHD not depression) I began to wonder why all of a sudden I go on so little sleep just because I took a pill ?

It makes no sense to me. I guess there are more neurotransmitters in my brain or what ever. but why this would effect how much time i need of sleep makes no sense.

If sleep is about restoring the brain or organising it the pill would of not effected my sleep. or if it did then my brain would not have been restored.

Has any one noticed that when they are tired it makes may make it harder to focus but that in turn is better for our attention in that we focus on a single thing instead of many ?

*this is not a sensative discusion to offend those that take meds. it is a scientific one and also one that asks for your story of not getting enough sleep