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12-22-12, 12:08 AM
Hi, Im qannie, and I have had alot of experience with sensory issues. My son Michael is hyper-sensitive, and his twin Everett is hypo-sensitive. They were both diagnosed at age four and are now seven. I have learned the many different ways that sensory issues can get in the way of everday life for these kids. Trouble with emotional control, aggression, hyper-behavior, dressing issues, academic challenges...amongst other things. The great news is that there is wonderful therapy out there for these kids. I was a little skeptical when my two little ones started the journey of sensory integration therapy, but I am happy to report that both my kids are doing just great!! Caught early, and with alot of hard work, both my kids now experience the world in a much more calm, sensory integrated way. I have written a blog: to share my journey...I have included tips learned from professionals, what worked, what did not, along with my personal hands on experiences...My hope is that sharing my journey will help others. As a mom, I was so scared and confused about what this diagnosis might bring to all of our futures...Again, I can say with a smile that my kids are doing great. Please come visit me. Qannie