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mrs. dobbs
12-23-12, 06:01 AM
I created one for everyone who does/gets cleansings, prayers, healing ceremonies, etc. We can talk about them, help each other create/plan ceremonies, pray for one another, etc.

mrs. dobbs
12-24-12, 02:15 AM
Or, you can request the sending out of good energies when you need it. I'm the only one in the group right now, and even if it stays that way... I am most happy to say a prayer or send out good energy for those who need it.

12-24-12, 02:26 AM
Are you very familiar with smudging? It's done at many of the events I attend.

I was gifted a sage bundle and shell and have been hesitating to use them until I learn more.

Thanks for reminding me. :)

mrs. dobbs
12-24-12, 03:08 AM
That depends...

I started using sage and other kinds of purifying bundles maybe fifteen years ago, but not every time I do things. I think I first used it in the new-age way, not in the aboriginal/indigenous way. I can't say that I was smudging specifically. I'll say that was cleansing with smoke.

Now I don't open things with sage bundle smoke every time, I use different kinds of smoke, almost always depends on where I am or live because I think that place-based practices are important, as is using what is available in the area.

Yes, I nearly always have a sage bundle one on hand when I have my typical stuff for cleansing or a ritual and I often cleanse with it. I've only been cleansed with sage in the the aboriginal/indigenous way a few times. I have collected, bought and been given sage and other kinds of bundles, abalone shell, and a feather to purify with... and I use them if I have them... but I can't say that I do it in the Native American way.

Most of what I do is a combination of syncretic, new-age and things I learned from dreams and visions.

You got someone you can talk to about this? You can also gather and use other herbs and cleanse with those in the interim. No need put off cleansing :)

Eggs, glasses of water, salt, rice, popcorn, eggshell, florida water, resin incenses, saltepeter, firecrackers... you can cleanse with all that stuff too!

12-24-12, 04:14 AM
My best friend set her house on fire smudging a couple of days ago. Seriously.
I smudge, just be careful.

mrs. dobbs
12-24-12, 04:28 AM
Amberwillow did you post that in the Chit-chat area? lol I think I read about someone setting her house on fire. Oh naooo!

Oh, and how could I forget? Tobacco smoke. Good, high quality cleansing tobacco. Can use excellent cigars.

12-30-12, 06:27 AM
I find this to be so relevant - I attended healing circle past Friday night.

I had a very vivid journey and under when some sort of spiritual transformation My entire directional reference changed - I have been Earth, North and brown to grey - now it is East Air and golden yellow.

In my home I use Osha root ( I often burn in before meditation or journeying. Osha root burns itself out quickly so fire dangers are minimal.

I use other scents as well a lot depends upon my intent and mood- I prefer to use the actual organically grown plants themselves - Sage smudging is okay I just don;t use it very often.

Because I can become extremely annoyed if brought out of a altered state to quickly especially by light. To avoid un-necessary conflict in a group setting I have a cloak with a hood I wear when journeying in public. I pull the hood over my face so others know I am still journeying and it prevents light from hitting me in the face until I become ready -

Around Imbolic I do a ritual cleaning then set it out for Breigh's blessing before I wear my cloak to circle I infuse the cloak with Osha root and dragons blood the scents help me journey without interference from the odors around me

Osha root can be used for upset stomach and this thread just reminded me I could use it for this head cold I have The major problem with making a tea with it is it taste like crap!

Another form of cleansing is with Citrine - We often use it in circles that are held inside because the smoke from smudging can be a problem for those who have respiratory issues

mrs. dobbs
12-30-12, 06:38 AM
Wow, thanks for sharing! I have never used Osha root before.

I am incredibly sensitive to light and I need to use sunglasses. I think that's a very smart practice to use a cloak that has been pre-treated with smoke, thanks for sharing that tip. I find that masks and or head coverings help me alot also, but haven't used one in a long time. I don't work in a circle, and have only been to a few big ceremonies.

So you kind of moved from one orientation to another? Does that come with new spiritual lessons... or? How does that work?

I haven't cleansed properly since my baby has been born. The last altered state I was in (besides my constant one) was childbirth. It was really incredible, I never saw such a profound transformation coming. But I had no one to do cleansings for us. I burnt alot of frankincense and rubbed my belly with eggshell powder, but I didn't do much else. I did a cleansing/blessing for my niece just before she went into childbirth. But I had some people there with strong... ashe... I'll call it. I think it's time to do a cleansing for my baby.

01-01-13, 08:13 AM
I don't work in a circle when I am solo but I do respect the need for a group energy balancing when I am with others.

My personal practices are non-traditional - but are such as they can easily be modified to fit in with other practices - This is why I exchanged my former christian spiritual beliefs in for the Hermetic perceptions divine and spiritual structure - Hermetic is mutable without loosing form or careening off center.

I hope you can modify my practices to enhance your own - Odors can be very influencing because the scenes of smell by-passes the cortex and enters straight into the limbric system - This is why odors that are displeasing can generate emotional responses even in the most aloof individuals. Pleasing odors can have a very beneficial effect.

Most of my spiritual practices are solo - I have been to large gatherings - I try not to stand out but it seems I always end up doing some thing any way large gathering are okay on occasions but for regular group workings I find small to moderate sized groups to be the most beneficial for me personally.

Our Woman's drum circle is limited to 30 women each time - We have to RSVP in advance to reserve a place because space and time are limited.

So you kind of moved from one orientation to another? Does that come with new spiritual lessons... or? How does that work?

My spiritual energies changed from dark energy into light energy - The spiritual energy greatly influences my role within the group. As a point of referee with regards to my personal spiritual beliefs do no believe in "good" or "evil" - I believe in destructive forces and productive forces both of which are equally necessary.

Earth for me is material, grounding, practicality represents where my physical being will go when my time here is over - earth transforms material left over from death into one suitable for re-birth. North bring in the cold that forces us to face material limitations - dark colors of after death experiences

In my former group I worked with dark energies, I was grounding - I have always been earthy or described as down to earth and with that comes the ability to bring others down to earth as well. My lessons began with the practicality of making list of types of people and situations I should avoid. Their lessons were a list of their vulnerabilities and one ended up facing her fears although it that was never my intention.

The energies combined there were destructive but necessary. Parts of my interaction and experiences were pleasant however other parts were not so - The unpleasant out weighted the pleasant by a long shot - I understand it was done that way as a means of preparing the land of my spiritual being for the laying down the spiritual foundation of function. Just like one must clear the ground of plant life before building the foundation of structure.

Light energy - east air - morning, sun rise, new beginning, golden yellow - illuminating the valued -enlightenment. Mother earth has transform my decayed remains into some thing that can support new life. It is in this group I will be born spiritually speaking. In exchange for giving me a birth place I will help people see themselves in a batter light - I will possess productive energies and assist to built.

I have learned spiritual darkness now I get to learn spiritual light!!!! I hope the light lessons last as long as the dark one did :D

I must be capable of using both destructive and productive forces by experiencing them myself along side those whom the spirits chose to share in these human spiritual experiences.

01-01-13, 02:38 PM
I do reiki healing and am happy to do this for anyone.

mrs. dobbs
01-01-13, 02:42 PM

01-01-13, 02:43 PM
I do reiki healing and am happy to do this for anyone.

I began doing energy healing work over 20 years ago.

Love doing it, have healed some broken bones in my own body, have helped others too.

I finally had a chance (and enough money) to take a Reiki class about 11 years ago.

I learned a lot and refined my abilities.

mrs. dobbs
01-02-13, 04:11 AM
Now we're talkin! :)

Meadd823 do you have any meditations from your time working with the dark energies... like meditations on the nature of fear, or meditations on the shadow self, especially that which we reject and abandon? Meditations on the cleansing power of destructive phases?

01-02-13, 01:03 PM
I have a very short meditation I do every morning, it's from the Wiccan path I follow

and I'm not sure whether it's okay to post something specific to a religion like that on here.

I'd be happy to share it with anyone who is curious.

It does seem to help me deal with my own issues and be more
compassionate with my grandkids (ADHD and Autism).

01-02-13, 11:02 PM
It's the meditation and spirituality thread, and the topics are being discussed in a format in which it helps us manage our symptoms and overall sanity.

I would think it would be allowed.

I'm definitely interested. :)

01-02-13, 11:32 PM
I created one for everyone who does/gets cleansings, prayers, healing ceremonies, etc. We can talk about them, help each other create/plan ceremonies, pray for one another, etc.

Where is this group?


Umm just nevermind this question ok? LMAO! wow

mrs. dobbs
01-03-13, 08:03 AM
There was one gemini! But now... yeah, you got it...

I actually made a social group, but I noticed that most groups haven't been used since 2008... I deleted it. If this thread gets going and a little more privacy is desired, then I think a group would be approrpriate.

mrs. dobbs
01-15-13, 06:49 AM
So jokergirl, my opinions on spiritual cleansing are as follows:

1. feel good about the procedure and the person who is doing it
2. do it using your own ancestral tradition, religion, or one you truly truly believe in
3. it's not an exotic practice, chances are your ancestors have their own version of it
4. it's a procedure to cleans toxic (if you don't believe in 'negative' then, undesired, or imbalanced) energies, spirits, entities, thoughts, emotions, hexes and what have you... in some religions this entails some kind of sacrifice-- don't get scared! a sacrifice could be anything-- for example Lent. in others, it doesn't.
5. there are substances and acts which people around the world believe to be spiritually and energetically cleansing - see the list at bottom
6. it's probably a good idea if the person doing a cleansing for you is in a healthy state themselves, although i have done things for people when i'm not feeling great and it turned out fine... but i wouldn't make it a habit. many times highly spiritually sensitive people have alot of physical ailments and some psychic ailments. they may be 'of size' especially, as it weight sometimes develops as a shield. they are able to help others better than themselves. what's important is how you feel about the cleansing.

if anyone else has anything to add... please do! i do not consider myself any kind of expert on this, lol. more like a perpetual beginner.

substances and procedures - which might be used on you, or prescribed to you by a practitioner, or some of them you can prepare yourself. i recommend going to someone because i have tried to cleanse myself sometimes and something out there didn't want me to do it-- i couldn't handle it alone!! i didn't know what i was doing.

many times the person you see will do a consultation to see what is required. for some religions this is of extreme importance and nothing should be done, lest you do the wrong thing. in other cases, it's going and praying with someone. it can be going to church, mosque, or a temple and spending all day there. it can be meditating, hiking, spending the night someplace special... swimming somewhere.. many things.

1. baths
2. prayers
3. candles
4. holy water
5. salt
6. camphor
7. copal, frankincense resin smoke
8. burnt herbs, roots (ranging from sage to sweetgrass to yam to osha as meadd mentioned)
9. fresh herb brushes, or planted around your house (common ones like rue, rosemary, basil)
10. camphor
11. rice, popcorn
12. special pillows that absorb negative energy
13. cutting strings or ribbons
14. dancing
15. coconut
16. flower waters, for example orange blossom
17. vinegars (herbed or white)
18. wearing white
19. giving up something valuable to you (sacrifice) -- a contemporary sacrifice wouldn't be animals (which were often eaten after), it would be giving money to a good cause, giving away food, giving up a beloved vice like chocolate or facebook...
20. offerings to your spiritual guardians, again iving money to charity, or sacrificing fruits and flowers to the Virgin or your favorite saint or ascended person, could be making special foods for
21. getting rid of symbolic stuff into the sea or moving body of water
22. burning symbols or words
23. not drinking or abstaining from toxic things that leave you open to imbalanced, undesirable or toxic energies
24. eggshell, eggs
25. tobacco smoke (the good, sweet quality kind or ritual kind)
26. various powders, soaps, washes,
27. noise-- firecrackers, wood clappers, pots and pans, cymbals, yelling, snapping, clapping
28. sweating in whatever way
29. white liquors sprayed around your energy field

and probably lots of stuff i forgot!

there are books, websites and people who can tell you much more. i prefer people.

of course, not everything from a ritual or practice is public domain or for display!! the stuff i put here is, as far as i know, part of open knowledge, and meant for educational use, and is not meant to disrespect or appropriate any culture or practice. alot of the same substances and procedures are used across cultures, around the world... like salt and vinegar and eggs.