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12-27-12, 02:13 AM
I am so lost.

My response to adhd med is changing.

I tried ritalin, focalin and adderall. I was placed on Lexapro about 7 weeks ago. My social anxiety is gone and I love it. However, ADHD meds are not working anymore. Doc ruled out bipolar disorder.

Before I started on Lexapro:
- Adderall activated me. I had hypertension and tachycardia. This happened at 2.5mg and it drove me manic.
- Ritalin worked, but only at the right dosage, 3.75mg. And it only lasted me an hour. If I took too much or too little, my anxiety was off the roof and it made my adhd worse.

2 weeks into Lexapro
- Ritalin started working better. It lasted for about 3 hours and I was able to focus well.
- did not try adderall
- I had horrendous side effect from lexapro but they all went away. No change in anxiety

week 4
- ran out of ritalin and decided to try adderall that I had left over. Surprisingly, adderall worked! At 5mg, I was able to focus.

week 5
- doc prescribed me ritalin. Ritalin started giving me nausea and headache. Stopped working at all. It just made me more alert
- Did not try adderall (did not wanna mix meds)

week 6
- Anxiety is gone, however I also feel like the anxiety is a motivating factor that makes me work/study. Major procrastination
- ritalin still does not work. However, nausea and headache went away.
- doc prescribed me focalin to try. focalin is even worse than ritalin. I get headaches. I get tightness of chest and it is little difficult to breath while on it. 2.5mg is tolerable but 5mg was an absolute disaster. I could not move out of my bed because I was so drugged up.

week 7
- ritalin and focalin both don't work. They are now quiet activating. I become super talkative and both make me alert.

I've tried wellbutrin, modafinil and strattera without any success before getting on lexapro. Side effects were unbearable. Ritalin was only one that was with the least side effects and now I feel like I even lost my last hope.

Without the anxiety, my motivation is non-existent so I can't get anything done. However, my mood is so much better and I am nicer to other people. I am not as irritable and less of a jerk now. Lexapro is truly a blessing but ADHD med not working is somewhat upsetting. Any suggestions?

12-29-12, 02:40 AM
Yeah stop lexapro . Same experience here. Ritalin doesn't work? Yes it does its just not half as effective with lexapro , yet your more alert now with lexapro in conjunction your misleading . Also, you state adderall worked and ritalin only lasts an hour or so... ? So why do you keep trying ritalin ? Your confusing and stating dual counteracting issues. It's one or the other . What good are you now that you can't finish any tasks? I don't exactly call that therapeutic ? Anyways I have alot of the same experience with lexapro . It just kills drive . Or maybe it didnt it's hard to our a peg on it. Try Prozac or cymbalta they are more activating . That or add welkbutrin