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12-27-12, 03:01 PM
Please forgive me for being naive or not knowing too much about all of this stuff. Treating my symptoms is somewhat new for me and Im kind of nervous about it because my doctor doesnt seem to feel as urgently about it as I do. He takes a very passive roll and I feel like Im directing him. While this is annoying, I dont want to see another doctor because the others I've had before seem dismissive to my opinions. Passive is better than dismissive.
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I posted another thread a few days ago with a question about Seroquel wearing off. I wondered about this because my meds dont seem as affective as they once were. I thought that it could possibly be that my body is adjusting to the meds and I will permanently need more. Now I wonder if I could be experiencing another episode.
Progressively over a period of a few weeks, and especially within the last two days, I've been experiencing changes. And part of me is feeling really guilty because I've started up some "bad habits" again. I quit these things previously because I thought they were "triggers" but maybe all along these things were just symptomatic.
How do you know when an action is derived from an impulse or lack or will power or from a diagnosis?
Maybe me starting up again on these "bad habits" is because I didnt distance myself enough from the temptations, or maybe its because I wasnt meditating enough or praying enough and so my thoughts have been too "earthly" (I hope I dont sound like a lunatic). Maybe I need to up my dose of Seroquel, but maybe its not that at all. Maybe I didnt try hard enough. How do I know? <o:p></o:p>

12-28-12, 11:33 AM
I think this got buried because my posts are still being moderated, so Im going to bump this even though its probably fround upon. And please forgive the weird breaks in paragraphs. That is because I copied and pasted from Word.

The main points in my first post is that I've started up on some unhealthy addictions again, and while I think it could be related to my mood disorder I wonder how can a person know for sure.

I dont want to blame everything that goes wrong in my life on my mental illness, you know? Im more than diagnosis.

Does this even make sense?

12-29-12, 02:56 AM
Hello saturday. I can't say I understand your situation too well, but it seems like you are experiencing a great deal of difficulty for various reasons. I read your other post about how your medication doesn't seem to be as effective anymore. I was going to suggest you discuss these things with your doctor, but clearly from this thread you've made it clear that you are experiencing some complications with that matter because of their attitude towards your case.

I think you should try not to blame yourself too much for any short-comings you think you might have regarding will power. I don't think blaming yourself ever does much good. Perhaps it wouldn't do much good to blame your diagnosis or doctors either, but even if that were the case, it doesn't mean its your fault. My advice would be to take things step by step, one day at a time, and try to either get your doctor to understand your feelings on the subject more effectively or to try and find a new doctor who you're more comfortable with. And in the meantime, I'd suggest trying to relax and try not to stress yourself out over these things too much. Just take it one day at a time, and cut yourself some slack when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Anyway, that's just my advice. I hope its helpful.

12-29-12, 12:18 PM
what are the specifics you're unsure about? generally speaking, ifyou think it's troubling then you should defo take up with your doctor. no reason not to. but it's yard to say if something is symptomatic or just a bad habit without knowing what you're talking about more precisely. if you dont want to post on open forum you can messGe if thats preferable, but more information is needed to specu-re/late I'm sure for most. if you're talking about substance abuse that can certainly be related. I just don't know what all qualifies as anaddiction.

12-30-12, 09:43 PM
Whatever the reasons for my recent relapse, Im not sure, but doc gave a new script for twice what Im currently taking. So either way it will slow me down quite a bit.

Its depressing, all of this. The word moderation might as well not even exist, as far as Im concerned. I just wish there were other ways of safegaurding my self rather than being drugged up on meds to the point of pure stupification.

Thanks for your posts.