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12-29-12, 03:56 AM
Where to begin....

I'm a 22 yr old male who was diagnosed with adhd just over 3 years ago. My doctor started me on concerta which worked for about a year then as I got used to it, I hated it. Felt emotionless, neutral about everything, unable to focus and that it was masking the problem more than it was helping.

I then switched to adderall and have been taking it ever since. It worked excellent for me and helped me tremendously in school, and since my goal is to get into med school, being able to focus was my number one priority.

I graduated from college and now work an overnight shift full time at a hospital. In my spare time I'm studying for the MCATs so adderall is still doing the trick for me. Helps keep me motivated and up during work and focused when studying.

But now that I am not completely overloaded with school work and study at my own pace (no more hw or cramming for tests) Ive started looking for solutions to other adhd related symptoms that I thought were gonna be taken care of by the medications before but they werent so I brushed them off to solve on another day. (Probably because I was able to focus for the first time in my life and I wasn't gonna complain)
There were two major symptoms though that seem to always be starting me in the face that I would do anything to solve.

The first one is trouble falling asleep which is ironic because this problem was one of the main indicators that pointed me towards the adhd diagnosis. Unintentionally I mentally over come any sleep aid (melatonin, Nyquil, unisom) and adderall sometimes wears my brain out mentally enough so that I can fall asleep but not regularly.

My second main problem that I believe is directly related to my adhd is that I prematurely ejaculate. Considering Im a 22 yr old male who can only last like 20 seconds during intercourse, I can't express the frustration I feel and the determination I have to solve this problem. I've tried everything outside of medications to solve it but nothing has worked.

After a little research I found out that PE has been linked to low serotonin levels, as is insomnia and adhd where the person can't focus yet overanalyzes everything (as you can see by this post) and dwells on certain topics which describes me perfectly.

I think I'm narrowing down this adhd thing pretty well through researching and trial and error over the past couple years and I've guessed right most of the time. This is my concern tho and what I'm looking for advice/related experiences on. I've set up an appointment with my doctor to talk to him about trying SSRIs (or any other serotonin targeting drug) as a possible treatment in hopes that they will cover all the problems I have stated above as compared to masking the main ones which I suspect the concerta and adderall has done. Although I think he will be really receptive to the idea, I don't want to sacrifice the benefits that I receive from taking adderall for my job and also my studying.

Here are a bunch of questions I'm hoping someone can answer for me even if its just one or two of them:

Does anyone think they have adhd caused by low levels of seratonin and have had success with SSDIs compared to stimulants? How does your ability to focus on SSDIs compare to a stimulant?

Has anyone taken SSDIs and adderall independent of each other and also together? Do you prefer just one or does a combination give you the best results? Would you recommend that I stop taking the adderall and give the seratonin targeting medication a solo shot to start with?(I know how unproductive and unmotivated I am not on adderall)

Does anyone else think they have adhd linked PE or insomnia? If so, has a SSRI help solve either our both of these problems?

I am naturally a very happy go lucky, laid back, very confident (some times cocky haha), and optimistic person which is unusual for most people with low serotonin (seriously the only thing that doesn't match up), does anybody think a medication targeting serotonin will change this in anyway? Does anyone else taking these medication share my personality traits and how did you react to it?

That's all I have for now haha and I know its a lot to digest, but I do appreciate anyone who took the time to read through it all and has any opinions, experiences, or information that will help me

12-29-12, 01:02 PM
I may be able to answer some of your questions. As far as SSRIs go, you might not be a good fit by the sounds of it for a long-term, therapeutic type treatment. Two reasons: 1) it doesn't sound like your mood is particularly depressed - good to hear! and (2) SSRIs tend to make ADHD and insomnia worse.

The ADHD getting worse part refers to just taking an SSRI by itself - since you're being treated with ADHD meds, that part should be manageable. The insomnia exacerbation seems to get better with time as many drug side effects do. It becomes more of an annoyance, it's not a deal-breaker for me for the SSRI drugs. When my depression/dysthymia gets to a point where I can't effectively fight it on my own, the SSRIs do help. I just have to be real diligent about doing the things that help me sleep, maintaining a somewhat regular schedule, etc.

I don't have PE myself, but the SSRIs definitely work in that area. Many doctors use them off-label to treat PE. In my experience with several different SSRIs, delayed ejaculation and insomnia are the two side effects you can count on. I think Paxil is the generally agreed to be the most powerful in that respect. I believe when SSRIs are used for PE, you don't have to take them everyday like when treating depression. You would use them more like a Viagra-type drug, on days when you expect to be sexually active. Be careful with Paxil and Prozac mixed with amphetamines. Sounds like those two drugs block a liver enzyme needed to break down amphetamines. You can still use them together but the Adderall dose might need to be adjusted.

Check out the book ADHA Medication Rules by Dr. Charles Parker. You might find it interesting with your medical background.

01-01-13, 03:38 PM
Hey, when I first started Adderall, it worked great, although after a while became inconsistent, and sometimes it made me feel tense/blunted towards everything. My doctor added Citalopram 40 mg, an SSRI. I was skeptical about it affecting my ADD, but it turned out to help a great deal. I feel it mixes very well with the Adderall - at least in my case, it really improves my mood, and doesn't interfere with the Adderall.

I feel Adderall + Citalopram has been more helpful for me than just Adderall alone.

01-07-13, 11:58 PM
Thanks for your posts, after doing more research I decided that although SSRIs might help me that I didn't want to deal with the side effects that go along with them. I stumbled upon 5-htp which is the precursor to serotonin in the body. After looking at possible side effects and how it mixes with adderall I picked up a bottle and started taking 100mg before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning.

(@Netminder although insomnia is a side effect of adderall it has been an issue for me been my all life. )

The supplement is a HUGE break through for me. The dose before bed makes me fall asleep without feeling drugged (finally know what it feels like to fall asleep like a normal human being) and I wake up without feeling groggy. The dose in the morning seems to cancel out the negative side effects of the adderall , I can eat food without choking it down, my heart rate seems to stay at a normal rate (normal: 58bph adderall: 100bph adderall+5-htp: 70bph), and also cuts down on the irritability I sometimes feel on adderall. Does this all and it doesn't take away any of the benefits I receive from the adderall! Also takes away the low feeling you get from taking a couple days off of the adderall.

I would recommend at least looking into 5-HTP for anyone who believes they ate suffering from a lack of serotonin (NEVER TAKE IT IF YOU ARE ON AN SSRI ALREADY THO, DUE TO POSSIBLE CHANCE OF SEROTONIN SYNDROME). I read about people having success taking it in place of an SSRI so its worth giving it a look/taking to your doctor about it.

01-08-13, 03:57 AM
I meant beats per minute, not hour haha. Prolly be dead if my normal heart rate was 58 an hour

01-10-13, 12:02 AM
It seems like I cannot think while taking am ssri . ?