View Full Version : An Everlasting War of Sky and Beauty

12-31-12, 12:49 AM
The army of stars march above me
Cold, countless, silent, and luminous
They hold their formations eternally
Only the planetary scouts aimless
They follow their lunar captain
A warrior of brilliance and darkness
Greater in size than any mountain
Yet freely soaring as if weightless

From the west arrives an enemy
Massive vaporous flying lakes
Together they form a floating sea
Constantly shifting in its states
The tsunami of mist slowly invades
A heavenly volley of silver moisture
I watch as all above gradually fades
Even the many stars soon surrender

From the horizon a war cry shines
Vibrant light heralds the sun's rise
Fire is given to the cloud's strikes
The solar queen takes all by surprise
Even the great moon is defeated
The rule of night is quickly fallen
Shadow and chill are retreated
Until their time to fight comes again

- Everett Arey