View Full Version : Wash

mrs. dobbs
01-01-13, 04:29 AM
wash the steps
wash the door frame
wash the baseboards and floors
herbed vinegar, chinese wash
burn mullein it smells eviler than evil
evil will recognize it and leave
dip a rosemary sprig in orange blossom water
flick it all around
ring a bell
burn that copal
blow a bit of tobacco smoke
light a pink smoke bomb
clap two bits of wood, loudly
eat a chicken stew
tomatoes and okra
leave coffee by the door
light the candles
put candles out with honey

this is what i want to do
this is what i want to do

to the front steps, door frames, baseboards,
all the rooms of my insides.

sit down and have a hot bowl of fowl
made unfowl, and delicious. together.
who is that yelling outside? i don't know
have a look out the kitchen window at
what actually is, of what's ok and
what's new, what is happening today.