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01-13-05, 08:55 AM
Behaviour reward coins

I just wanted to share this with you all

I just bought a set of 10 metallic coloured plastic behaviour reward coins. The coins are embossed with the words "I was caught being good" and a smiley face in the middle.

the seller said (I got them from e-bay;))

We use these coins with our Autistic Spectrum Disorder child as well as our younger "Neurotypical" Child and they work equally as well for both. The children have their own little jars and their own set of coins which are given when they are doing something good and when they have collect all 10 they are given a special treat in exchange for their coins (this is down to personal preference as to what you give it can be a small toy or a sweet)...... We have seen amazing results and would encourage everyone to use these as a means to improving behaviour!!!! These simple coins have helped us to overcome the most challenging behaviour and they start working almost instantly which is a big plus!!!!

I have the star charts but thought that this would be something different to try, as i can't seem to get all the things i want always to fit appropriately into a star chart so this is over and above.

They arrived yesterday and i sat down with John and we had a nice talk about them and he is really eager to earn his new coins, and quickly found what he wanted to use to collect them all in.

In addition to giving a coin for especially good behaviour, we have decided to take away coins for bad behaviour, which he readily agreed to, :eek: to my surprise.

With the new rules set and in place about his coins. We set him his first challenge last night and i am really pleased to tell you all he succeeded and has now earned his first coin. If you could have seen the delight on his little face you would all be going aawwwwwwww. :D

He was so thrilled he asked if he would be allowed to take his first well earned coin into school to show his friends and teachers, which i willingly allowed and this has just put another idea into my head.

I am now going to make an appointment to see his teacher and see if they are willing to use them there as well for his behaviour and good work. If so i am going to purchase another set for the school to use as well.

01-16-05, 10:39 AM
i brought some too and i am looking forward trying them out with him tomorrow.


01-16-05, 10:57 AM
~Hmm, i'm sure it was my credit card that brought them, not that i'm splitting hairs here!! LOLOL

01-17-05, 02:03 AM
If I behave in chat and don't sneak down to Last Post, will I get one? :D

01-17-05, 12:52 PM
Several times we've given the bus driver "tickets". One for the morning and one for the trip back in the afternoon. If our youngest was within bounds she'd get a ticket when she got off the bus.

The tickets were simply strips of paper. I was surprised how effective they were and how motivating they became for her.

It's a wild ride this parenting thing.. :)
Cheers! Ian.

RIB - talk to Ancient about tickets and when you might be eligible. :P