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01-09-13, 04:52 PM
(I'm not even entirely sure to what extent this would be regarded as creative writing, but I couldn't think of anywhere better to put it. Funnily enough, it started as an attempt at writing an About Me description, and somehow it evolved into something much more, possibly because my current state of mind is unusually sentimental.)

My Life in a Sprouting Nutshell

Some people have told me in the past that I have a very gifted mind. That might be true, but most of my life was wasted by the unfortunate circumstance of having my mind utterly devastated by terrible experiences in my childhood and then left to rot throughout my adolescence in a series of generally unhelpful and emotionally volatile environments. Human potential is only as good as it is allowed to be, and my intellect and creativity were made worthless in the face of extreme dysfunction, a myriad of unrecognized mental disorders, and constant neglect from those who I desperately depended upon while growing up.

To be perfectly honest, I was an incredibly screwed up person when I legally entered into so-called "adulthood." To speculate on what might have become of my life had I continued on the path of self-destruction which had been set for me back then is impossible to even attempt without physically shuddering, so I won't explore that topic. Instead, I think it would be best to explain what phenomenon ultimately shifted the course of my seemingly-godforsaken existence back when I was about nineteen years old.

Simply put, the change in my life and also eventually in myself was due to a sudden and inexplicable interest in the human mind. I approached the subject in a manner which was neither scientific nor spiritual, yet somehow both at once. I studied philosophy, I learned about psychology, I found and practiced amazing meditation techniques, and I slowly dissected my own thoughts and emotions through endless self-reflection. In a hellish universe of pain where nobody ever seemed to have my back, I suddenly discovered the power of a proverbial mirror, both for comprehending myself and also the world around me.

Before my journey of self-rehabilitation began, I was far behind everyone else I knew in terms of personal growth, and that's saying a lot. I watched as other people’s lives expanded and took shape while the nightmare of my own meaningless and terrible being raged on without any hope. Today however, after almost five years of treating invisible scars, exploring the secret magical avenues of the human consciousness, and learning more profound truths than I can count, I still look around from time to time expecting to see the characters from my past towering over me, only to discover that I have long since outgrown them.

Whether you want to call it the human mind, the soul, the consciousness, or anything else, it is the fundamental beginning and end of all experiences in life. I believe it must be protected, maintained, explored, and nurtured above all other things. It is a wonderfully complex and powerful thing, and I’m glad to say that despite endless hardship, I have somehow managed to salvage my own from the depths of unthinkable misery and near-insanity. The weight of my past may never fully be lifted, but my mind has finally been able to rest, heal, and sprout upward in more ways than I can keep track of, and now I have the strength to march confidently towards the future at a pace far quicker than those who I once envied. With this in mind, I feel that my potential as a human being is finally worth something.

This is the only way I can think of to express the story of my life.

- Everett Daniel Arey Jr.