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01-10-13, 08:12 AM
if you read through my previous blogs on here, you will see that i had many concerns and was returning back to school, with many doubts. there was anxiety an just major self doubt. they placed me on wellbutrin but also ritalin, they my docter.

here is the update. since that time has elapsed. for myself, i felt ritalin did help but my thoughts looped, along with the anxiety and depression; coupled with the intense focus from the stimulate of ritalin did not work out so well for me. i was catapulted into a psychotic episode that lasted for 2 days because i just did not sleep. i forced myself through the night studying.

anyway, during this break from reality, i became intensely paranoid an felt everyone was out to get me, and intentionally annoying me. everything was setting me off and i was close to the edge and just felt like killing myself as well.

i remember walking into the counselors office and telling her my unfounded claims about people in the class being against me. it was escalated and i felt horrible after because everyone had seen, it was just worse.

ashamed and deep in depression, suicidal i withdrew from school. i ended up getting help because i no longer felt in control of myself.

i initially did not get the help that i needed but a young student who doubled as a social worker, referred me to someone with the qualifications to better diagnose me.

reviewing what i told him, my past history of treatment recorded in my medical records, he determined that yes, i do have bipolar 2.

since than, on the medication. I feel like, what someone recently posted in their post. " something moved out of the way" " i could begin to think a little more clear"

the meds put a floor on my restless depression.

i pretty much had the same experiences as everyone here, i would get myself together and fall apart and i never had the resources or knew where to go to get treatment. time had passed and it never occured to me. now, i feel so much better than before, there is more consistency, less downtime and this is awesome.
i finally can move forward. starting with building my support networks

01-10-13, 08:21 AM
Hi :)

What medicine regimen are you on?

01-10-13, 08:23 AM
Hi :)

What medicine regimen are you on?

deprakote and fluoxitine

01-10-13, 09:48 AM
I guess a lot of symptoms of bipolar disorder look like ADHD. Are you still diagnosed with ADHD? I mean, do you have both bipolar II and comorbid ADHD or has your diagnosis changed from ADHD to bipolar II?

01-10-13, 05:41 PM
there was not enough information at the time to determine if i was bipolar, but since a good amount of time had elapsed and i had a psychotic episode, he figured it out.

i remember dating a counselor and he mentioned that adhd symptoms are sometimes outer lying symptoms of being bipolar.

all i know is, i feel so much better than before and im grateful for it.