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01-12-13, 07:17 AM
OMG I went to my GP last week and got weighed... I've gained 21 pounds in the last year and a half.

Mostly in the stomach area. I've always had some 'flab' there and used to do sit ups, but they hurt my lower back so I stopped.

Dieting...err... I'm a crab a** if I don't eat.

Exercise? Makes me too tired.

Weight watchers or other TV ads? Too expensive.

I'm lost. How else can I get this weight off? I'm so disgusted with myself. :(

01-12-13, 07:32 AM
Sit ups wonīt get rid of stomach flab and they are not a very good stomach exerciser, they mainly work the hip flexors and strain the back. There are far better stomach workouts. I had a back problem and my osteopath gave me some exercises which were very tiny movements, like pilates and they are really good.

I have bought a mini trampoline and I love it, there are loads of ideas you can get for workouts on youtube and you can just to 20 minutes a day.

Iīm a really cold person so I often use it to warm up!!

DOnīt be disgusted with yourself, you only need to overeat by a few calories per day to put on weight. Your only human. Women especially seem to judge themselves by what they weigh. PUtting on weight equals stupid, disgusting, fat, useless and worthless etc whereas losing weight makes us feel in control, happy, on top of things, more attractive.

You arenīt what you weigh, donīt let the scales dictate how you feel.

mrs. dobbs
01-12-13, 07:48 AM
For some reason I was raised to think that exercise and taking care of oneself is a luxury I don't have time or energy for.

How do people take exercise seriously? I mean, it seems to be so incredibly beneficial. I want to feel like I can exercise without feeling it's a waste of time and energy.

01-12-13, 09:09 AM
I used to do a lot of sports and I have a massive interest in it. Some people, like myself prefer to stick ear phones in, go for a run, work out, lift weights or what not and manage perfectly alone.

Some people need work outs to be a bit more, enjoyable, interactive and fun. I would recommend you go to some classes, anything what gets your heart pumping is good for you. Even walking a few miles a week would help you.

Look in your local area, join a gym which does classes. Can be anything. depending on what sort of interest you have. I personally love karate. It kept me fit, helped me get rid of some anger on certain days and I also enjoyed the social side of things. The instructor was very inspirational and really pushed me and I loved it. until I tore my ACL. Which I need an operation on lol.

Choose an exercise or a class you really enjoy and you will see yourself loose weight.

P.s: sometimes working out with a friend also helps a lot.

01-12-13, 11:34 AM
Walk. Walk everywhere you go. Walk to work, even it if's a few miles.

I'm one to talk, 'cause I'm in the same boat, mainly because I work from home and don't get out and about enough. So this year I'm going to try to reverse that before it gets out of control.

Also, try "Meetup." You might find a group to exercise with.

Here's my "diet." If I can't make it, I don't eat it. Baked goods are AOK if I've made them. Same thing for most meals. Eating out inevitably causes you to consume more. If you cook for yourself, you'll eat less, and marginally more healthfully. So I try to do it less and less. I don't deprive myself. I just make myself work for it. Turns out that when I have grapes on hand, baking cookies is too much hassle, so I eat the grapes. Plus, I really only ever want one cookie when I bake. The rest go to other people. Something about the fact that I baked them makes me crave them less... I'm satisfied after the one. Whereas if I bought them, I doubt that I'd feel satisfied after eating them. I suspect that that one has to do with the fact that I only ever bake with butter.

And boxed mac and cheese does not count as cooking for yourself. ;)

01-12-13, 12:38 PM
Raye, I'm in the same boat as you... only I gained more than 21lbs. It's embarrassing. I have, however, tried to cut out extra refined sugar (like sweet cereals, cookies, etc) and snack foods that I eat when bored... Now, if only I could find the energy to exercise somehow... I think I'd be on the right track.

DH and I are cutting down on our grocery bill, so we're going to start walking to the store and back... so it's a start. We'll see... and good luck!

01-13-13, 04:27 AM
Thanks for the inspiration guys, just going from 130 lbs to 151 is just..ugh....:doh: and what bothers me is that no one in my life had even noticed the change in my weight. How about 'hey it kinda looks like you've put on a few pounds'.......would it have been hurtful? probably but at least I would've most likely been motivated to do something about it.

I know I need to make some changes.

01-13-13, 04:35 AM
Crank up the stereo and dance your *** off!!! :) (15-30 min. a day)

It's fun, it doesn't matter how crazy you think you look, it works many different muscle groups, and usually leaves ya' feeling energized instead of tired.

Go ahead and get your groove on, girl!! Stella ain't the only one who can get her groove back!!! :D

01-13-13, 05:09 AM

you're the bomb! :cool:

wait- is that what the kids are saying these days? Or am I just old? lol

01-13-13, 05:18 AM
Hell if I know......I'm too old, too!!! lol

But I do recall a few students saying, "Yo, Ms. Lin, you da' bomb!!" you're more hip than ya' thought!! :)

mrs. dobbs
01-13-13, 05:46 AM
I'm old too-- I still say "bomb" "tight" "dope" even "fly" don't worry we understand one another.

Dancing is the best. One kind of dancing (besides my usual) that wears me out is bhangra. The guy dances. So exhausting, but really fun.

01-15-13, 06:04 AM
Raye, I can relate. I lost a lot of weight beginning of last year but now I'm slowly putting it all back on again. My face looks so fat I hate looking at myself in the mirror. It is disgusting.

Could you try doing some light exercises? When I'm not too depressed and have the time I try to do just 5-10mins in the morning. Just a bit of warm up and only one exercise (either sit-ups or push-ups, etc.) That way, it's neither tiring nor too boring. If I think, I need to work out for longer than that I lose all motivation but 5-10mins I can deal with. I'm not sure if there's any real benefit but it makes me feel better and enables me to make healthier choices for the rest of the day.

Like Sandy said, try walking whenever you can. Even pacing up and down while talking on the phone or watching TV might help. Or you could do some light exercises while watching TV.

If you like doing sit-ups but they hurt your back, then you could try using a medicine ball. Just place it between yourself and a wall while doing your sit-ups to put less pressure on your back. If you don't have a medicine ball, a big (e.g. 2l water) bottle, works as well. I think, sit-ups mainly work the thigh area rather than your tummy though.

Try filling up on fibre. It really helps to curb your appetite without any loss in energy. Ground flax seeds works wonders for me. I just sprinkle (when I remember or can be bothered) 1-2 table spoons on my cereals in the morning and it makes a huge difference. I need to start doing it again but I'm too depressed to care right now.

01-19-13, 10:25 PM
i'm struggling with my eating demons badly at the moment, i lost a ton of weight since september and im on a slippery slope that i dont want to be on straight back to anorexia :(....i'm feeling you with the weight struggle stuff :(, has your medication got anything to do with it raye ? xx

01-19-13, 11:22 PM
If your on anti depressants its the meds.i use to be 135 lbs or a sizee32 11years later im up to 210

01-20-13, 04:07 AM
Flory I've been on so many different meds since last April, it could be due to that.

But i also know my eating habits are horrible and have to change them.

01-20-13, 06:22 AM
dont think of it as dieting and losing weight, think of it as "selecting healthy foods".

01-20-13, 11:13 PM
I gained 50 pounds in a year at my last job and I had no idea, I was so stressed and busy I didn't pay attention at all. I have troubles with my blood sugar (no diabetes) and if I don't eat regularly I can get very sick. We were short handed and some people would wait many hours before taking their breaks or lunches and I couldn't go ahead. Sometimes I'd go 6 or more hours (against company policy to begin with) and I would run out of the pharmacy and shove in everything that could fit in my mouth. That was a terrible feeling.

Now I have to go back to a similar job and this time I am going to make sure I get up and eat breakfast, and ALWAYS have a protein shake. I've got to better prepare myself and my body to handle not getting to eat when I want, since they never let you keep food or even water in there. When I worked where I had a desk job and got to snack during the day, I did weigh much less because I ate better and snacked lightly. There was also no deli to tempt me (thankfully that wont be the case at this new place, the only fast food place in walking distance is jack in the box and thinking of eating there makes me want to barf, so I'll be good).

Also I can't excercise unless it's fun. There are no classes or people to work out with around here, and I fail when I try to push myself into doing something I hate.

Years ago I played DDR for hours a day and lost 20 pounds in a month and a half, but now I'm so much bigger that really hurts my ankles and knees to do. So for now I'm just walking, I can walk a few miles and I don't physically hurt or feel tired, but I feel like I've been working out and I feel really good. I'll slowly go back to the gym and do lower body work-outs and cardio. I am skipping upper body for now because it fatigues me really fast, makes me sick and weak and want to eat, and then I just give up. I'll do it again when I have some strength.

I've always had excercise-induced asthma, it was many years before a doctor told me to try using an inhaler before I worked out, and this (along with fish-oil, which helps the pain exercising causes my fibromyalgia to act up more) makes it easy to do almost anything, though I still really can't jog. The eliptical is best for me. I will work my way back up to jogging, I need some weight off my knees first. I'm going to start this method hard, as now I'll be back to being on my feet all day, and I was in terrible pain after I gained all that weight. Though now I lost BOTH of my inhalers, probably fell out at my mom's house somewhere, and I don't think I have a prescription for another one.... Man and I was already deterred by a sinus infection, finally over it and now this @_@

Anyway I think with excercising, start off by doing what you want to do, but do SOMETHING. Try for atleast 30 minutes of walking or being up and active. Do not feel that you have to adopt some hard regime, you need to get used to working out and making yourself do it without question. Then you'll have the willpower and confidence to try harder things that will help you further reach your goal. And start cutting out soda and junk food, and you'll drop a few pounds in a flash. That's also easier said then done, so shop around for some alternatives to drinks and snacks that will interest you.

Just a little at a time, make sure you are doing things because you WANT to do them and not because you HAVE to, that frame of mind is the difference in sticking to it or getting side tracked.

Now I just have to get up on the horse and do it again myself >_> I've atleast broken myself from all the fast food runs, I dropped 10 pounds from that alone but I've got 100 to go to my ultimate goal (and 80 for my healthy target)

01-21-13, 11:40 AM
Could it be your meds possibly contributing to it? I've gained (I'm embarrassed to admit this) about 100lbs because of one of my meds. It was making me crave junk, and even when I did eat healthy, I was still gaining. I switched to another one, lost about 15lbs, and then couldn't take that med. So I had to switch back to the "munchie med". I've gained a few, but I still have about an 9lb weight loss that I've maintained.

I try to get up and walk around during commercial breaks on TV. On a rock center interview, a doctor had said it had a lot to do with sitting too much and the body goes into storage mode. So they suggested getting up and walking around a few minutes every hour. Something like that.

01-24-13, 01:19 AM
OMG I went to my GP last week and got weighed... I've gained 21 pounds in the last year and a half.

Mostly in the stomach area. I've always had some 'flab' there and used to do sit ups, but they hurt my lower back so I stopped.

Dieting...err... I'm a crab a** if I don't eat.

Exercise? Makes me too tired.

Weight watchers or other TV ads? Too expensive.

I'm lost. How else can I get this weight off? I'm so disgusted with myself. :(

I've been pretty frustrated with weight loss. I've had some success though. I did it by finding foods that keep me "interested".

Like piling on different kinds of cabbage or lettuce or leafy greens onto a favorite sandwich.

Or getting a greasy salty savory fix from a tuna melt. I used to count out 9 French fries...that was how many I could have. And you gotta make a table spoon of ketchup last.

But as long as I got my salty and fatty feelings foods in, it didn't really "hurt" to eat less.

Also, learn about foods that suppress hunger. Almonds, cinnamon. Also, if you have a protein drink that makes you a little nautious, eat it after you've had your desired portion. That was key for me. (Reason enough in and of itself to take a protein drink)

01-26-13, 04:12 AM
I've gained a lot of weight due to PCOS and a dermoid ovarian cyst which I'm the midst of getting medical care for now and I can't begin to tell you what toll that's taken on my self esteem.

The only things I can suggest is to cut down on refined sugars, eat clean foods and portion control as well as some light exercise..


01-26-13, 04:26 AM
I used to be 48kg. Now I'm 70kg. This all started with various types of meds given to me for PTSD back in 2003. For some reason I just can't lose it.

In 2010 I cycled 6375km and still no shift in weight.

What I've been doing for the last 18 months of not being able to exercise is change my ways gradually.

So I don't have milk, pasta or cheese any more and I only have bread occasionally. I changed from white rice to brown rice and also eat quinoa and sweet potatoes.

I am still bad sometimes in terms of junk food at night but you've gotta start somewhere.

Now I'm trying to get back into the exercise again so I hope that will make some difference. I never seem to lose weight though coz it all just turns into muscle (which is okay if you're a guy but not so great for a girl).

01-31-13, 12:41 AM
If you are the one who does the shopping in your household, my advice is to not buy anything unhealthy when shopping. EVER. Do not justify purchasing unhealthy meals by saying "it will be a treat" or "this is the last time". Honest to god, this has been a life savior for me. If unhealthy food was in my kitchen, I can not help but indulge. If you can resist buying it at the store, you will not eat on impulse.

Avoid all processed foods if possible, and everything with monosodium glutamate, yeast extract, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and other chemicals linked to weight gain.

Buy higher quality, healthier foods even if they are more expensive (if you can) because you are making an investment in your health. Most of the food on the shelf now is produced by major corporations who put profit first, and your health secondary.

Lastly, do not get too down on yourself. It could be worse. At least you are making the first step to getting healthy, which is acknowledging that you need to make changes. Getting depressed and thinking negatively accomplishes nothing. Think positively and focus on winning the day. :)