View Full Version : Pop, fruit juice may raise risk of depression; coffee may lower it, study finds

01-12-13, 02:45 PM
Study news release:

"Our research suggests that cutting out or down on sweetened diet drinks or replacing them with unsweetened coffee may naturally help lower your depression risk," said Chen. "More research is needed to confirm these findings, and people with depression should continue to take depression medications prescribed by their doctors."

...and media coverage:

The researchers only found a correllation, not causation, yet it's being plugged as though soft drinks may raise your risk of depression, and coffee may lower it. More likely, I think, is that depression causes people to crave "comfort foods" like soda. Thankfully much of the media coverage pointed out that the study doesn't make clear which way the causation runs, if there is any to be found at all.

It's kinda hilarious, at least in my case, because I drink most of a pot of coffee every day, have a soda maybe once a month or so, and somehow I still ended up with depression. :eyebrow:

01-12-13, 03:50 PM
Well, I kept running out of sugar and coffee mate, so I went black, so that's good then.
So what's the deal with sugar, I suppose the best thing is to burn it off with excercise and not let it turn into fat.

01-12-13, 04:00 PM
Well, I know that when I have coffee (or stims) I get more done! Then I'm not as depressed... And the taste makes me feel all warm and toasty!

01-13-13, 05:13 AM
Not a coffee drinker, but LOVE french vanilla cappucino. and pepsi. Gosh no wonder I've gained so much weight and am depressed. :doh:

01-14-13, 11:27 AM
Oh coffee, what can't you fix?