View Full Version : How can you tell if you lack dopamine or NE?

01-13-13, 01:01 AM
I wonder are there clear symptoms by which you can tell if a person lacks DA or NE?
For example if a person tends to buy things in order to feel good for a short time, then does this mean that she lacks a certain neurotransmitter and by buying something she gets a short kick out of it? Can you draw any conclusions from certain behaviors?

01-13-13, 01:37 PM
I don't know if there's a way to test your dopamine levels.

01-13-13, 01:54 PM
The dopamine levels themselves do not seem to be all that relevant but instead the way the synapse handles this seem to be more important.

You might look at this short essay to give you a little background on the subject.

Interesting question. Hope I help a little.


01-13-13, 04:32 PM
Well, my assumption, the yardstick I go by which is proof enough for me is that....
I start a hobby or an interest of the week and it spikes my dopamine and I get super-focused, then my dopa falls off the charts and so does the new hobby or interest.

01-14-13, 06:23 PM
Hi everyone, thank you for your replies.

I know that things are wrong with me (besides depressing,anxiety and ocd) and I cannot really nail it down. I only know that things aren't right. I never thought that it could be ADD til I read a book about ADD and found many parallels. But since I also have anxiety I don't know if using stimulants would even be an option.
I'd also be scared to take something like ritalin because it has so many side effects and I also don't know if it wouldn't make the anxiety more acute.

I have been in treatment for depression for 1 year now and also brought up my worry about ADD several times but nothing happened. My doc thinks if I have ADD then it's probably mild.
I have been on various antidepressants with no success:

-citalopram 20mg for 1 month
-mirtazapin 30mg for 8 weeks
-wellbutrin 150mg for 6 weeks, then 300mg for 3 weeks

None of it helped with depression. I also didn't feel like under wellbutrin I was more able to focus. But it's also really
hard for me to tell if a drug makes a difference. Maybe it made a slight difference and I didn't notice it.

I have very little stress resistance and the presence of other people often totally annoys me and makes me unable to think and do my work.
When I'm all alone I feel like I have "peace" and "clarity of mind" but as soon as other people are in the same room or house then I feel distracted and annoyed. I have a great need for peace and quiet. I often have to go outside after dark and walk around only to clear my mind.
Even hearing noises from the TV running in another room in the house often ticks me off and makes me aggressive.

I am also pretty depressed and even minor things can make me freak out or send me into depression.

For example when I get up in the morning and noone else is already up then I usually feel relatively good cause I'm alone but as soon as others get up I directly start to feel annoyed and impatient and simply cannot do what I'd do if I was alone.
This sounds silly but this is how it is.
If I was alone I'd get up eat something, watch some TV, relax and find my "inner peace" and then after a while I'd start to work something. But when I'm not alone then I never find this inner peace and this means I also never sit down to do any work!!! It's really awful cause it costs me so much time and my window of opportunity where I could do some work is totally small.

I have a lot of work to do and most of the days I'm not able to get anything done because I do not find the inner peace which I need in order to focus. I simply cannot work when there's noise around me or when other people might come into my room and want something from me.
Usually the only time when I am able to focus in when I'm alone or at night when others are sleeping. I almost never work during the day unless I'm under extreme time pressure. :(

I also feel like my thinking is inhibited and slow. I cannot simply read something once and then decide to keep it in my memory even if I think that it's important! I forget it again. There are things which I simply do not seem to be able to memorize at all no matter how often I repeat them and think them through in my mind!
I tend to forget everything which I learned in the past which is very bad for my self-esteem. I do not have a bad memory in general. I remember events from the past and all that but I feel like when I try to concentrate and hold on to knowledge then it doesn't work.

Does this sound like ADD?
I'm really scared. I don't know if I should try more meds or if meds might only cause more harm.
Since I got off wellbutrin I feel like I can't really concentrate anymore when I'm under pressure. I just made a thread about this on this forum:

I have been taking wellbutrin 150mg for 6 weeks and then 300mg for 3 weeks before I stopped because I didn't feel any improvement in my depressive symptoms.
However, since getting off wellbutrin, which has been a few weeks ago, I feel like in situations where I am under a lot of stress I can't focus anymore at all.
Recently I wanted to sell a few items on ebay and I had to upload the pics and write the text for the items and also look up how much they cost in other places and I felt like my head was spinning. I couldn't concentrate at all and I also couldn't decide what to do next. I felt totally overwhelmed! This was really scary. And this wasn't even a situation where I was under big pressure. I mean there was no time pressure or something.
And today it happened again. I got an email from my cellphone provider and this email upset me because they had made a mistake and this meant extra work for me cause I had to look for the documents and then reply to them in an email and in this situation I also directly felt like I cannot focus anymore and I also felt something in my head. I wasn't able to focus and at the same time I had this dull feeling in my head, a mixture of being tired and disoriented.

This is really frightening me. Could this have something to do with wellbutrin? I don't know if I had ADD. I brought it up to my doc a few times that I worry I might have it. This is why he suggested wellbutrin.
But does this sound like ADD? Could wellbutrin make ADD problems worse?

Or even when I'm in the supermarket and have to look for a certain item then I'm walking around and feel kinda of disconnected and can't really focus.

01-14-13, 06:58 PM
What sucks is that on top of my other fears I now also have the fear
that something might be wrong with me and that I might not be able to think normally anymore.
Sometimes I sit there trying to read something and I feel like I'm not picking up anything of what I am reading and then I also become scared and feel like I'm dumbing down or something.

01-25-13, 12:05 PM
noradd the thing Im finding is that my thinkin is changing,for sure my thaughts- about-to-and for self has turned 180degrees well not all the way yet(only been here 50 days) nd Ill take this thinkin any day of the week, nd its not just how i think about me, its other thing too like -youre last line -dumbing down -scared-read the same sentance 1to3 times n quit it aint sinkin in Iv got a huge librery of un-read books because of youre last line,and irealy wanted what those books could offer.well the reading thingy is going away just eneough to encourage me huumph!! just look at this last line of mine holey cow that could neverr have been in my old thinkin thats huge for me Im glad I stopped an answered this thred because these thaughts were just spingzzz * krrannnnncc*spoottss in my head havin no solid meanin untill I put them on here nd I needed to see these. thank you nd stay with us