View Full Version : Need treatment for ADHD not false diagnosis something else

01-13-13, 10:13 AM
My boyfriend wants me to try again to get treatment. I've tried before but find that I usually get that crappy line that "Adults don't really get ADHD, it's for children" then they try to give me meds for something else. It's so frustrating when they tell you you have to see their social worker and you do for like 3 months only to find that they won't give you meds. I've already been diagnosed with ADHD TWIIIIIIIIICE and I have paperwork from the adult diagnosis but it was in another city where I don't live anymore, so I can't just go back to that doctor. If anyone has had any luck in the NYC area and is willing to help me out with advice, please post it here or private message me here. I know others have had the problems I've had, too. So, besides advice, if you are in the same boat, please confirm that this is something common to go through.

01-15-13, 04:31 AM
Try to find a doctor that may list Adult treatment of ADHD or Autism, Social Problems in Adults.

I was diagnosed in Texas by a doctor, moved to Wisconsin one year had to start over with another doctor who had to diagnose me again. Came back to Texas... switched doctors, but the 2nd doctor, when asked who initially diagnosed me, was familiar with the first doctor that diagnosed me.

Tomorrow I try a new doctor who is known among my friends for a more aggressive medication management program. But I fear like you do-- new doctors different diagnosis. Currently I'm still in the search for a Dr. in my area who is familiar with Asperger's and adults, as a couple of friends have kidded that may be part of the "problem" with me-- beyond having ADHD.