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01-13-13, 06:16 PM
Hi All,

I am not certain if this is the correct forum for this posting, so my apologies in advance if I am in the wrong location.

I am looking for assistance in locating a new treatment professional.

In the past I have been treated by primary care doctor, though I was formally tested by psychologists and psychiatrists.

When I moved to NYC, 6 years ago my doctor was still able to write prescriptions as long as I agreed to see him twice a year. No problem...

For insurance reasons, I can no longer see him and was forced to find a new doctor in NYC. I have a great primary care doc however he doesn't feel comfortable writing these prescriptions (even though) I have been on the same meds for years and have everything well under control.

I went to a few psychiatrists he referred me to. The problem is they want to see you every month to prescribe meds. I'm ok with every other but that doesn't seem to fly. I honestly cannot afford a 50 dollar co pay every month on top of the cost of my meds which are almost the same amount.

Does anyone have a great primary doctor or a psychiatrist who doesn't have to see you every month that would be willing to take a new patient for med management? I have all my records, etc. Additionally I have recently been retested several times by the many docs I have seen of recent, thus reconfirming my diagnosis.

Any suggestions much appreciated. My insurance is the Oxford Freedom Network which is also part of United Healthcare.

Thank you!!