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01-16-13, 01:57 AM
Hello Everyone,
From some days i have been searching some sort of exercises that are good for weight loss as well as for arthritis. Because some exercises like trade-mill, weight lifts, crunches or some sorts of high impact exercises may reduce the weight but it may damage the joints even more.So for the arthritis persons it's good to opt for low impact exercises like yoga, walking, swimming, cycling etc. These exercises results same as high impact exercises.

01-16-13, 06:05 AM
If you take walking as a 'high impact' exercise then I really do not know what a 'low impact' exercise is apart from sleeping.

Yoga won't be enjoyable for someone with arthritis. So throw that one in the bin.

Walking and swimming(slowly and gently) will be the best form of exercise for you. Especially walking. Have one cod liver oil at night. Brush your teeth in the morning as your breath will smell of fish. Hence you don't take one in the morning. This will help with the arthritis and the pain you get in your joints.

Yes swimming can be a 'high impact' exercise but that's entirely up to you if you want it to be. As in how fast you swim and how you swim. If you just take your time and swim slowly for even 15 minutes every 2 days it will do you the world of good. Arthritis as you know gets bad when you DO NOT do any exercise. If you stay in bed all day your joints will cease up, the pain will be intense. Depending on how bad your arthritis is.

Swimming is also a very good way of loosing weight. a lot of people under estimate swimming. It's one of the best of form of exercise for your entire body.

If you can't be bothered to swim or even walk for 30mins every day or two then there seriously is not anything else I can help you with.

mrs. dobbs
01-16-13, 06:27 AM
How do you pace yourself swimming? I messed up my knees fencing and hiking after I'd gained a bunch of weight from meds. I like swimming, but don't know how to pace myself. Oh, and I want to swim not so much to lose weight, but for the mood benefits of exercise.

01-16-13, 06:35 AM
If you have severe arthritis please don't seek advice for this from a forum.

Please go and see a physiotherapist, an osetopath or a chiro to have them ascertain exactly what you should be doing. Otherwise you could risk serious injury.

I'd hate for you to get hurt as a result of taking advice from the internet.

01-16-13, 10:00 AM
Yes beware of advice here but I have a mini rebounder and love it, itīs great for low impact workouts. I have a friend who is a physio and he said that used carefully it can be very beneficial because itīs a great workout for the lympatic system and creates a good flow of white cells to inflammed joints. Beware cheap versions though that can do more harm than good. I went to a physio centre last year which used large trampolines for rehab patients (I saw many elderly people on them). This is not to be confused with trampolining and somersaulting antics!!

I would advise you to seek professional advice before trying anything though, like Tudorose suggests.

01-16-13, 12:34 PM
I'll keep my mouth shut then :)

01-16-13, 08:58 PM
I'm goin to try TIE CHE the very slow karate katta (moves) in china nd other places It's very populare because it is so low impact but strenuos because you have to hold the stance and move veryvery slow,I'm shure you seen a group of ppl doing syncronized moves in a big parkin lot or such,and who knows I may be able to save my life if I ever get mugged llolol

mrs. dobbs
01-17-13, 03:16 AM
lol a very sloooowww beatdown eh dresser? Qi Gong works well apparently, too.