View Full Version : Is this doctor good in Dallas Tx? Don't want to waste hundreds of dollars.

01-17-13, 10:08 PM
I know I have adhd, was told so when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. As a adult with a terrible life....I forget a lot, my mind day dreams non stop....I been told to focus by my boss and others ect.

I found this doctor named Dr. Andrew Portteus in Dallas tx.

And I'm afraid to go since it's not a cheap visit.

I know adderall would help me alot, so I can return to school...I been going to school and dropping out for the past 7 years because I can't focus. I never stay on a job long either!

I see him wed, but if he is funny about adderall please let me know...Im far from middle class and wealthy to go to doctor to doctor for several hundreds of dollars.

I found other doctors,but one charge 650! I was almost fell over just to see him:eek:

01-18-13, 05:32 AM
Well you cant go in expecting adderall, he may suggest something else. I would google his name and then reviews to see what other people say.