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01-19-13, 10:52 PM
A guest blog post on PLoS about the "Antidepressant Wars" (, and about how meta-analyses that omit significant findings get media coverage that misrepresents depression treatments' effectiveness. There's a lot of scientific language at the beginning, but keep plugging away to the end, where the author concludes:

Specifically, I fear that clinically depressed members of the public at large will refuse a likely efficacious treatment option. And while all may be well if that depressed patient makes the informed alternative choice of starting treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a validated form of therapy for depression that compares well with SSRIs for mild or moderate depression, all is certainly NOT well if the patient’s decision not to accept treatment with antidepressants is based primarily on media delivered misinformation.

Given the stigma against acknowledging or treating a mental illness with a psychotropic medication, the media saturation given to one study only worsens an already difficult situation for many patients who fear the personal and social consequences of admitting their illness and seeking treatment.

In closing: my hope is that members of the media who cover this debate will realize that “first do no harm” is not only the duty of physicians; it is also the responsibility of anyone trusted with giving health information to the public at large.

01-29-13, 12:06 PM
Great article! Finally :)