View Full Version : Transitioning to being nocturnal

01-27-13, 04:12 PM
Hi all--

So, I've had terrible insomnia most of my life. I've tried a ton of meds for it and now am on 150 mg of Seroquel. The Adderall I take has just increased my wakefulness for the most part.

But not in any predictable pattern, unfortunately. Some days it keeps me up all night, and some days I conk out early.

Anyway, from being an insomniac so long, I've realized that I do some things better at night. For example, I'm a writer, and there are certain projects I got into mostly at night, and working on them during daylight/evening isn't working.

Is there a way I can transition to being more nocturnal for at least a little while till I finish these projects?

01-27-13, 04:18 PM
Are you an independant contractor? Will it interfer with anything else? If there is no downside, do what works best for you.