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El Goobercabra
01-27-13, 11:32 PM

The sky is putting on an opera
In the troposphere courtyard
The winds are gusting in Italian
Air is rushing from throats
Into throats and ears and
Raising goosebump choruses to
Tend the zephyrs out of salt rains,
Blowing back tears and
Drying our noses and
Calming our evenings amid
Cumulus cheers


Spent notes litter the floor
Passed by unlit eyes
A trail back to the stage
Not my night.
You take it.
My sweat and spit drop together
Effort and struggle become weather
Frustration watering no garden
At my feet, splashing worn
Cracked black dress leather
Seldom polished, drink up
Press the horn to my face
Drive lips into teeth
And Id notice the pain
If these notes in my head
Werent so far away


Grandma filled her lungs
Exhaled fluid, pushed way
Her last spoiled refill of air

My cousin lay in a seizure
Drowned against porcelain
Convulsions splashing wet the tiles, counter, clothes, towel.
Hed ripped the curtain from its rings,
Marked his fingers in a crumple of
Plastic/rubber material

I feel alone, dry;
Ducking under weeping limbs
Of a family tree
Shaken madly by his wind
His carrier away


The first prayers I remember
After grandma passed
Have gaps, expecting seconds
Hungry but sick at the thought of food,
Cooling on placemats,
Patient octagons on the oak
Propping up elbows
Joined hands, nearly a ring,
A simple gold ring, expected to have broken, I suppose,
Apologizing at the stares,
Not shiny enough, it thinks,
Centered in the chasm between
Two hands too far apart,
Fingers busy trying to tap their
Thanks and praise