View Full Version : Waardenburg, anyone? Link with Aspergers or ADHD...

01-28-13, 05:30 AM
I have several family members (immediate and extended) on my dad's side with Waardenburg Syndrome. It manifests with physical traits such as partial deafness, a white forelock, eyes spaced farther apart than normal, different-colored eyes, and (in my dad and brother) problems with organs in the nasal/vocal passages (they both had to have their adenoids removed). There are four different types of Waardenburg, and one (or maybe two) of the types include serious digestive issues but I'm pretty sure they don't have that type.

When I started dating my husband with ADHD, I noticed a lot of similarities between him and my dad and brother. It started me wondering if they might have undiagnosed ADHD.

Now my brother is married to a woman with Aspergers and he is convinced that he also has it. It makes sense, and I think my dad might also be suffering from it undiagnosed as well.

I also have a cousin with Waardenburg who also seems to fit the criteria for Aspergers.

Does anyone here have Waardenburg syndrome? Do you think there might be a real link there (between WS and ASD or WS and ADHD), or is it just coincidence? Waardenburg is supposedly only a physical syndrome, but it seems to make sense (to me) that it could also have some nerological basis.