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01-29-13, 02:44 AM
Not sure if I titled this correctly, and I know this is a tricky subject with perhaps some overlaps...:confused:

What are the/some distinguishable characteristics between Bipolar-related sleep issues and ADHD-related sleep issues?

Some ideas of questions:
-Where do the disorders differenciate with this issue?
-What are the usual causes for the sleep disturbances/issues for each disorder?
-Is it sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the two disorders in regards to sleep issues and if so why/why not?
-Is it important to know the differences?
-How have these sleep issues affected your life? How do you manage?

I know they are entirely separate disorders, so please don't think I'm trying to combine the two as if they are on the same level.

Would love to read any info about this topic!

Thank you!!

01-29-13, 05:16 AM
Well in my case I guess because I have both BPII and adhd it might be hard for me to explain. My experience being BPII is the sleep issues when they seem related to BP are racing thoughts, excessive energy but not necessarily physical, sometimes when I am in a depressive cycle it involves lots of tears and that keeps me up. Sometimes its because I am to darn "up" to bother with sleep. With ADHD for me, I am awake but its like whatever it is I am focusing on, (a tv show, a book ) I just cant seem to stop doing it in order to sleep. Sometimes in the past before I was on a stable dose of adderall, I couldnt stop the ideas racing through my head about how I could solve the worlds problems! But its really hard I think to tell the difference. Sometimes I also think that the med regimen you are on for either makes a difference. Being stable on BP meds, means that when I do experience a sleep issue, I have to really pay attention to see if it is more of a cycling thing or adhd because my mood stabilizers are working well, I guess I dont make much sense. I feel like the two overlap so much that it can really muck up the water for people trying to digure out the difference between the two.

01-29-13, 05:22 AM
Thank you so much Sarah!! No it made alot of sense!

Thank you for your willingness to share that, means alot. Very helpful. :)