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Internal Biochemistry of ADD.
Peripheral A.D.D


A.D.D ,Inside, Blood Sugar Levels, Nervous System, Prefrontal Cortex , Autonomous Nervous System, Parasympathetic Nervous System, Sympathetic Nervous System. Hyperactivity , falls apart, brain-body, (eat, forget I ate, eat again...etc).

...The child or adult with ADD is exquisitely sensitive not just to the external environment but also to the internal one.

If we are concerned about the brain's biochemistry,

so we ought to be concerned about the brain's biochemistry of the body:

to the health of both,

proper nutrition is indispensable.

The ADD child completely falls apart when his blood sugar is too low,

becomes hyper when it is too high,

showing how directly nutritional states affect the brain.

Once more,

it is a matter of what the goals are.

If the long-term development of mental balance is to supersede charging through the day as the objective,

the internal environment cannot be ignored.

-Gabor Mate M.D., Scattered, 3.Nutrition Page 286.

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(dr.barkley's video, part 2 of 3)

(see approx time 54:00)

"the fuel in the tank,

is sugar in the blood stream,

in the frontal lobe,

blood glucose in the frontal lobe,

is directly correlated with executive abilities.

-Dr.Barkley "



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