View Full Version : The Boy Who Cried

01-31-13, 09:55 PM
Dante wakes up to get ready for school. He puts on a white tee shirt, black Dickie pants, and gray converses. He goes to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. He says bye to his mom, grabs his back pack, and walks out the door. When he knows that his mom is too far see him do it, he takes a cigarette out of his shoe, lights ( it, and continues walking to his bus stop. Dante arrives at his destination where he waits alone on the chilly dark September morning. He flicks his cigarette when he can see the school bus approaching in the morning's horizon. The bus driver didn't make it in time to save life, as a car pulls up and shoots him seven times in the torso at point blank range. He hit's the ground struggling for air and flailing his arms around. Dante stops moving because he sees a light at the end of a dark tunnel and wonders what's there. His eyes roll into the back of his head then he swallows his tongue. Dante has blacked out and lost all conciseness now. The paramedics arrive promptly 30 minutes later. They find Dante with his mouth still slightly open on the sidewalk. It took both the ambulance and police longer to respond to Dante's death than it took for the tears on Dante's face to dry.

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