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02-01-13, 06:11 AM
Since one week did not only wake up every hour with a rocking stomach, I couldn't sleep after 5AM. Needless to say after two days my perfomances got lower and this way I could never succeed anything.

I suspect it were the meds, or a term my psy gave me but can't remember, concerning lacking slow sugars. She recommended me excluding any fast sugars.

I got herpes and didn't see the point. The only reason normally I wake up is to eat, but this worsened everything.

Now since two days I'm fine again and I haven't figured out exactly what caused it and whether it might return. What I do know is Lamictal & Abilify caused social paranoia and constipation and possibly this also.

Tonight I slept normally again, and, GOD, it felt good... :) I'm a 10AM guy.

02-02-13, 06:08 AM
Since one week I have been insomniac. It's not funny and I started to actually fear going to bed while exhausted.

Every hour I would wake up (with a rocking stomach I have an eating disorder but still) first at 24h - plainly awake, then 1, 2, 3, 4 and from 5 on no way of sleeping anymore.

Needless to say after two days my performances got unacceptably low and without interference there was no point on continuing studies with aggravating symptoms. My herpes had returned because of weakness.

Now if it keeps going it might be something relevant and will have to be treated. It has slightly improved, and my therapist mentioned a particular term , some reaction or condition, but it escapes my mind. She recommended excluding any fast sugars. The upside is, normally taking hours to activate in the morning, and favoring 10 AM I'm earlier than usual ready to face the day.

02-03-13, 05:38 AM
I wish I had the answer to sleep deprivation.

What helps (but not cure) me are exercising to exhaustion, avoiding foods with lots of sugar in the evening.

And the big one - wearing Skins compression gear. For some reason this helps.

Have an epsom salt bath before bed.

For dinner try and eat some slow release carbs (wholegrains like brown rice, quinoa).

Failing that there's always melatonin.

02-03-13, 06:45 AM
At around 2 AM yesterday I went to bed feeling a bit tired.

And then my dog started barking.

Couldn't get to sleep until 6:30, I just couldn't relax!

And now I'm going to be dog tired for the rest of the week :D

02-03-13, 07:19 AM
Below is what I posted in another sleep thread because I had missed yours but maybe it will help you?

Today, 06:00 AM

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Re: What are your tricks for getting to sleep?
After countless years of insomnia and multiple sleep studies the only thing that has worked for me is anal retentive, rigid sleep hygiene. No matter what time I go to bed, I wake up the same time (give or take an hour) everyday 7 days a week, Now, I have always been an insane early bird... trouble is I am also a night owl. No matter what, even if I go to bed I set my alarm and wake up at the same time. I try and usually succeed to go to bed around the same time too. For me, that means bed around 11 and awake between 4-5 am. I have to wake up at 4 because the hubby and family start their days at 5am and I need that hour to myself. People always freak out about what time I get up but it really works for me because its habit. I have trained my body to do this. I also take melatonin..3mg, more than that and it doesnt help. In absolute I am in a BPII cycle, I take sonata which is short acting and doesnt keep me groggy in the morning.
Go **bleep** yourself

02-04-13, 04:26 PM
No probs getting to sleep, only while sleeping I tend to wake up hundreds of times and even questioning whether condition or not... thanks though ;)