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02-02-13, 01:31 AM
I took ritalin for 12 of my formative years ( first grade through high school). It contributed to my success in school. As I don't believe I would have had the self control or maturity required to overcome some of the effects of ADD, like I have been able to later in life.

I made the decision to go to college a few years after highschool and initially didn't think I could do it without ritalin. But, I realized I was capable. It took so much effort and energy to retain information and I definitely was inconsistent with getting good grades.

I recently went to a ND. And am back in school and told her I thought I needed Ritalin to do well in school. I didn't have time to read and re-read information that I needed to be efficient (I have a toddler, so time is precious). She suggested these 4 things and 1 has helped so much in fact I can skip out on the 3 others and still do well.
FOCUS FIZZ. I want anyone who is struggling or doesn't want to take a stimulant to try/know about it. I take it every day sometimes two times a day if i need to get a lot done. It calms the nervous system but has the amino acids your brain needs to focus. It has helped so much. It doesn't have bad side affects 2 year olds can take it. I will say it does take about a week to get used to at first i felt kind of foggy. Definitely don't take the recommend dose initially, just do a tablespoon. Now I take about 2 tbsp. Has anyone else tried it? My ND said she recommends it to pregnant/nursing women with ADD or people who were on Ritalin for more than 5 years.

I will say that managing (because it doesn't go away) ADD is a lifestyle. I have learned that in order to be efficient, happy and successful I have to really take care of myself.
So, in addition to the Focus Fizz. I get at least 8 hours of sleep. I walk or do some sort of aerobic exercise each day (besides clean house, chase a toddler or cook). And I take fish oil and B vitamins. All of those things help me operate at what I feel is my full potential. I don't do it every day but most of the time I do. And when I don't I remind myself how much better I feel when I take care and manage my ADD. I hope this is helpful. Oh, and Focus Fizz is bi Biogenisis. I get it on And it is about $40 for a two month supply.

02-02-13, 03:04 AM
What exactly is in this product?

02-02-13, 03:40 AM
Answering my own question (info copy & pasted directly from the company's website):

Each scoop (15.63g) contains:
Calories 52
Carbohydrates 13g
---Sugars 12g
---Sugar alcohols 1g
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 200mg
Folate (folic acid) 400mcg
Vitamin B12 100mcg
GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) 250mg
L-Theanine 100mg
Phosphatidylcholine (35%) 50mg
Phosphatidylserine (20%) 50mg
Rhodiola root extract (rhodiola rosea) 30mg
---(3% rosavins, 1% salidrosides)
Bilberry fruit extract (vaccinium myrtillus) 21mg
---(25% proanthocyanidins)
Coenzyme Q10 10mg
Alpha R-Lipoic Acid 5mg
Other Ingredients: fructose, xylitol, natural grape flavoring, silica.

02-02-13, 07:59 AM
Is this safe?

02-02-13, 08:55 AM
Interesting info. More before trying anything I wouldn't mind knowning a bit more or hearing reviews from other peoples prospectives.