View Full Version : BOOK: Unclutter Your Life

01-18-05, 05:55 PM
I just found this book in Chapters, and liked the straighforward approach it takes.

Each chapter is easy to read, and is followed by bulleted list of things you can do to unclutter your life in various areas: paper, travelling carry on, etc.

I have been reading through it bit by bit and I find it comforting that the author has a view that many people have issues with clutter... I don't find myself feeling inadequate or that ADHD is the culprit.

I find it motivating to read it and start to apply the stuff.. but that could be because my anti-anxiety meds have been working fairly well. I don't worry as much about "needing it in the future", and have been able to purge a lot of stuff.

Anyway, this is a great book!
It cost around $23 Cndn with taxes.

I know that one of my biggest challenges is putting into action what I read, and the words "be ruthless" used in the book several times have stuck in my mind, and help a lot.