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02-03-13, 11:15 AM
Hey. Relatively new here.

I've known for years I am an anxious sort. Have been diagnosed with GAD many years ago. I also have a history of some mild depression, but that's not surprising, as anxiety and depression are often different sides of the same coin.

It's only been relatively recent that I've acknowledged I most definitely suffer from ADD, due to life long issues I have with reading (always falling asleep), irritabilities, tantrums, lack of focus watching movies and the news, complete and utteral disorganization and sloppiness, among oh so many other characteristics that are a hallmark of the condition.

I am in the process of divorce which has been destroying me in so many ways. The process has exacerbated everything. Anxiety due to the financial trauma, and work left to be done in my D necessary to protect myself. Depression due to my life falling down on its head, and the awful pure betrayal of my ex causing awful ruminations and obsessive thinking, and the ADD making it impossible for me to get organized for things that are important. All I want to do these days is sleep.

I have tried every pill there is (well, most). SSRIs and SSNRIs are annoying. They actually exacerbate my anxiety and feelings of jitters, and make me want to sleep. There's also the awful sexual dysfunctions (my nickname for them is 'cum-killers' :).

Stimulants are weird. I get an initial feeling of calmness as though everything is OK in this world, but then jitters set in pretty quick and I feel quite anxious and irritable. They also make me want to sleep, and make me feel depressed. Straterra did some good initially, but the same issues followed. In fact almost all meds either make me feel down and depressed, anxious, or both and make me want to sleep. My only standbys, taken as needed are benzos, but although they will calm nerves, they do nothing for feeling in the dumps, motivation, organization or focus.

Anyone on this board with comorbid conditions with med success stories? If so, I'd love to hear them.

02-06-13, 10:40 PM
I don't know if I would necessarily call myself a success story, but I do have a similar diagnosis. Depression, GAD and ADHD. I take Wellbutrin XL, Adderall XR and Klonopin, among a few others.

Wellbutrin works really well on my depression, but it doesn't have much of an effect on my ADHD. It doesn't have many side effects except it exacerbates my anxiety a bit. Mostly makes me jittery/agitated. I haven't been on the med very long and have gone up and down on dosing and switched from SR to XL, so I haven't gotten very stable with it yet (I'm in 300 mg of XL now). The anxiety side effect always tends to get better after a month or so. It also seems to make my Adderall work better.

Adderall has been pretty good for me. It doesn't completely get rid of my ADHD symptoms, but it helps with many of them. I'm on 15 mg now and think I need a higher dose. I don't really have any side effects, except a bit of a crash at night.

Seems like you're pretty familiar with benzos. They work, but I hate taking them for fear of addiction.

02-07-13, 12:17 AM
I'm not sure if I am a success either. I was just diagnosed with my 'ills' within the last few months and am on several different medications. I was doing so well, a completely different head space but then had a really hard day on Monday and I have been pretty depressed since. I have a pdoc appt tomorrow and am going to ask if there is anything I can do besides increase my AD (too much and I am just numb). I am only taking 5mg an its been perfect for long term anxiety reduction. But hasn't done much for situational depression.

So yes and no. It's a b*tch.

02-18-13, 06:57 PM
Yah I think it's this bad for everyone. Especially when u have multiple conditions.

I also have depression and adhd along w severe fatigue. Pristiq was helpful for a little bit. I am still trying stims though.

I enjoy researching alternative meds to help too. Like u mentioned ssri and snri are strange. A lot of people have found alternative meds that work. The down side is the cost because insurances won't usually pay for it unless its prescribed for what he FDA labeled it for. Then again some docs can call he insurance to get it paid for.

Hang in there - u r going through a lot! One thing that has helped menus this forum and calling my doc once or twice in between appts to ask questions.

05-16-13, 07:42 PM
I'm trying Zoloft for anxiety. Just started a week ago. So far it seems to make me want to nap in the late afternoon but I think there might be an improvement in my anxiety already even though they say it takes several weeks to kick in.

09-16-14, 08:42 AM
I agree knowledge is key to understanding mental health issue. I research things a lot to be better understand my GAD, PTSD and depression. I can say from experience it is a daily battle no matter what medications you take. You must be your own advocate at times too, because some times health care providers don't always see side effects or complications that could have serious consiquences. On the other hand I don't get to carried away w/ the side effect pamphlets sent along w/ my scripts other wise I would be too fearful of taking what may help me out to function.

As for insensitive people thats a given to some one who has never had to deal with the daily struggles mental health issues... take it day by day...
I agree with your post for the most part

11-06-14, 05:02 PM
GOING through a divorce , while trying to figure out what meds will work. Is to much to tackle , if you are not stablized with meds that are actually working .

I WOULD focus on getting my meds just right , working great first. Give yourself 3-5 months of meds working perfect. THEN Tackle Divorce , Divorce is emotionally and bomb on hells fire on the emotions.

So first get your health good and stable first. THEN tackle the World .

Hope this helps! Antidepressants make me sleep. ADHA MEDS calms
Me down or relaxes my thinking . Makes me think more logical as supposed to freaking out and thinking in panic mode. Which just overwhelms you .

11-24-14, 07:05 AM
I have been diagnosed with SAD in 2004, ADD in 2012 (this after burn-out sick-leave and on my way back to work, u can imagine how the getting back to work went when receiving this diagnose...). I am 37-year-old sportsenthusiastic, male with MSc. degree from Finland.

Anyway, my SAD have been treated with SSRI:s (cipralex, paroxetine, now sertraline (Zoloft in US?)) and MAOI (Aurorix). My ADD-stuff is still unmedicated, we tried stimulants, eventually anxiety was so huge that needed to stop.

Zoloft/Sertraline + therapy have helped my anxiety, which was severe. Anyway, it has increased my sleepiness and yes, my sexual interests are pretty much gone (Sildenafil/Viagra helps though even though I saw JLo wiggling his butt in front of me.

Success? Well, sort of. I would tend to say that anxiety is 85% in control, but my ADD-symptoms like lethargy and the inability to proactively do uninteresting work stuff, much worse.

12-14-14, 08:32 AM
Stimulants are weird. I get an initial feeling of calmness as though everything is OK in this world, but then jitters set in pretty quick and I feel quite anxious and irritable. They also make me want to sleep, and make me feel depressed. .

Gosh yes! that is what the stims have done to me too! Is so weird!

I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD but am also going through a very difficult time in life, dealing with the death of a family member. My anxiety levels shot though the roof when I trialed Ritalin. My Doc convinced me to trial Prozac but at a tiny does to start off with. I started on 2.5mg a day (which is 1/8 of a tab - normal starting dose) for 8 days then went to 5mg a day. Even that tiny amount crashed me, I was getting hot/cold shivers, fatigue and felt terrible. I basically spent two weeks in bed. However I am now feeling a fair bit better but has only been 35 days and I am still on only 5mg (1/4 of a normal dose.) I did read some people are hypersensitive, and can cause anxiety and those people should start on very low doses and slowly increase. I continued to take 10mg of Ritalin a day and now am taking 20mg a day which is working ok, I am not getting anxious or jittery but I think I really need to be taking some more to get a better effect with my adhd.

Anyway I am still trying to work it all out too. Good luck

12-16-14, 11:41 PM
Having problems are the part of the life i have rarely seen anyone who Said I never had problem in my Life. Anyhow comes to the topic. As you have mentioned that you have multiple issues,start working on everything with the schedule and a pattern. Like first solve the divorce issues after that make sure to get rid of the myths you have created about yourself. Stay Bless my find Peace in Future.