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02-04-13, 07:53 AM
I have always been athletic & have recently decided to take my fitness to the next level. I was on dexedrine from middle school through highschool & made the decision I could function without it. I am now 30 & have been taking the generic version (dextroamphetamine) for about a year, due to my work load & have found a VERY positive outcome. My question is, has anybody had any negative effects from taking pre/post supplements, protein, creatine, etc.? Thank you in advance.

02-04-13, 08:23 AM
Although I am not on any meds yet, I have had some experience with pre workout supplements.

To me supplements are, you get what you pay for, you buy cheap stuff it will be rubbish and full of crap. I decided to buy some cheap powder and I was on the toilet dropping the kids off every couple of hours.

A decent make is 'Optimum Nutrition'. They have great reviews, a lot of people use their powders and their prices are great.

I know you have not mentioned it but I want to warn you about as you will probably come across it, is 'Jack3d'. horrible stuff. Yes people like it and think it's amazing, I felt like crap after using it, huge crash, sick, dizzy. Bad experience with it.

02-04-13, 09:39 AM
I often make a really good protein shake for nutrition in general..(i love this one from gnc) it helps maintain my calories and energy.