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02-08-13, 04:33 AM
Ok Iīm not a proper teacher so I can do pretty much what I want in my class. I teach English conversation to Spanish kids of all ages.

My favourite is my 6 year olds, I started out strict at the beginning of term, I wanted the all in their seats paying attention, without fiddling with anything but found they were distracted, bored, didnīt work well.

I gradually relaxed a little I let them stand up, sharpen their pencils or walk to another desk to ask a child to use a pencil, crayon etc. (not all the time, they now know when to listen and when they can get up).

I also let some of them stand at their desks instead of sitting. A few of them have said to me that they "need" to stand, so I let them. (they do work better).

Some of them are fiddling or doodling whilst I am talking, I have found that in many cases they are able to do both and this fiddling actually helps them focus.

I love this class, they donīt take advantage of the fact that I let one stand but maybe not the other, like they donīt all try to stand or walk about.

As a result they are much better focused, they stay on track and all finish tasks on time, they are happy and relaxed and learning. The ones that finish want to help the slower ones and I allow this, because I canīt help each child individually as much as I would like.

The other day I was helping a child with adhd and I saw one other child take my flashcards and sit and a table and pretend to be me and the other kids were reading the cards it was great. (Jeez was I uptight to start with).

I also let them sip water during class (usually a big NO in every school I have worked at). I feel this is so important.

I donīt do punishments, I do reward charts with stickers and these can be earned from anything to completing extra work, singing the songs, helping another child, tidying up. So each and every child ends up with something.

I also have kids with defiant problems. One child I just ignore at first then he gets bored and sits down. He used to refuse to do the assigned task so I now say "you can do it if you want to". I donīt confront or challenge him. I give him the materials and let him decide what he wants to do and I have found that more often than not he will do the assigned tasks with no problem.

I am not saying I am a particularly good teacher, but I donīt have to
follow the schoolīs rules (great because I canīt follow rules) and I can experiment and I really think that allowing kids to move about in class or fiddle with stuff helps concentration.

How do your kids cope in class.

02-26-13, 07:24 PM
Squarepeg, I would just to like to say that this is brilliant!!! I love it so much! Yes, kids need structure, but they also need freedom to learn the best way they can.

I love that you let the kids who are getting it quicker help the ones who aren't. They are already becoming leaders!

In 10th grade, I would play with Rubik's cube during class, and my teacher totally let me. It helped me focus. I was always doodling or doing other things while the teacher was talking. Different people listen in different ways.

Why don't more teacher teach like this?!