View Full Version : Waiting for Nemo

02-08-13, 06:22 AM
I hope all you guys out there on the east coast have or are planning to batten down your hatches .....

.....They say this could be quite the large storm .....something about one of the biggest snow storms in history .....maybe I heard that wrong ....but there is much charting and mapping and arrows and waving of hands excitement on the weather channel....

.....and schools are scheduled to close before a single flake has hit the ground .....that's a new one ...didn't they used to do that on the spur of the moment you'd sit there listening to the TV or radio waiting for the list of schools that were going to be closed the morning before school started .... be careful out there guys ......and check in if you can ....

02-08-13, 06:34 AM
ALl my hope goes to people who get hit by this storm. stay safe! (Hugs)

02-08-13, 06:52 AM
Yes please take care everyone. I couldn't even imagine what it must be like. I have never seen snow but I'm guessing it must be pretty scarey.

02-08-13, 06:55 AM
It's supposed to pass us completely. Still I hope everyone in the north stays safe!

02-08-13, 08:37 AM
It's supposed to pass us completely. Still I hope everyone in the north stays safe!

keep us up to date :) goodluck!

02-08-13, 11:43 AM
It missed us completely :(

I WANT SNOW!!! (but only on Thursday evening - Saturday morning. Gotta get to work).

Seriously, though, hope everyone weathers this ok. . . looks like a big one.

02-08-13, 11:44 AM
Stay safe people up there, keep us posted

02-08-13, 01:40 PM
Yah I want snow too ! .....we have had a grand total of 3 snowstorms this winter ! .....and this one reached up and over us ...if you look at the map when they show the pattern can see the bottom left-hand corner of Michigan, where I am clear .....while the other 95% of the state is cloudy and probably is snowing .....

...But I have hope there;s another big old storm hitting the Utah area right now .....

.......They are saying this might be the biggest storm ever ( in that area)! .......which is amazing .......the weather patterns are getting more and more extreme......

....are any of us in northern New Jersey ? ......cause the outer edge of the storm is supposed to trail there .....

.....It's due to start later this afternoon ......not quite 1 in the afternoon now

02-08-13, 02:05 PM
Incidentally, I keep picturing a clownfish with a short fin, *not* an immensely threatening storm.

Between the way my mind works, and not having cable (and therefore access to the weather channel), I'm thinking it's probably not actually wise to name snowstorms.

02-09-13, 04:16 AM
....It's the Weather CHannels "new idea" ...they just started this year

and at 3 in the morning .....they've had Catagory 1 hurricane winds.....and the biggest snow fall during this storm only 26 inches ....somsewhere in Mass. ....

.....I would call if a blizzard ....

oh and more than 1/2 milion people are without power .....

yep, that's a blizzard alright ....

......but it appears that none of us are in it's path ......

02-09-13, 08:05 AM
Nice that they named a historic blizzard after a disney clown fish..must be wacky weatherman humor. Anyhow, here in my area of NJ, nemo faked us out, we got snow but not nearly as much as I would have liked.