View Full Version : Wellbutrin Generic - Any positive stories?

02-08-13, 03:54 PM
So I'm picking up my first Wellbutrin today. It was $175 for name brand, $25 for generic. I've read nothing but horror stories about the generics. Even my pdoc said most of her patients only use the name brand. I can't afford the name brand, so I'm looking for some positive stories so I can at least believe there's a chance I'm not wasting my time and money. Are there any people that took the generic and had a positive experience?

02-11-13, 04:51 PM
Gonna reply to my own post here for people's future reference. I increased my dosage to 300mg (extended release) a few days ago. I'm still receiving zero benefits from this medication. I don't have any negative side effects but the medication is doing nothing. Maybe it's because of the generic, but it's pretty frustrating.

A lot of people report insomnia or increased energy. I could fall asleep an hour after taking this stuff. I feel like I was slipped placebo or something.

02-11-13, 05:14 PM
I would put a plug in for Watson brand generic. It's more costly than other generics but I have had more success with it. I make sure that my doctor requests it on the script. I have it filled at the local Rite-Aid here. Not all pharmacies are able to custom order like this.

Do not expect dramatic results from Wellbutrin (buprion). It's a "carry on" type of drug at its best. I take 45o mgs. That's it and there ain't no more. (It appears that there are many people like me, a manufacturer has just came out with a single dose 450 xr tab.)

02-11-13, 11:19 PM
Good to know, but I honestly think I'll be discontinuing the wellbutrin soon. I don't seem to feel any effects whatsoever. It does nothing for my ADHD, that much is certain. I'm going to give it a few more days, but I don't think it'll do much. Only down side is my pdoc wanted me to wait until after I got some tests done (next week) before starting the wellbutrin. I started it right away instead, because I was just too curious. I don't really want to tell her I already started it, so I'll have to give it a few weeks before I tell her it doesn't work for me. I really don't feel like going another month without having any real assistance for my ADHD, as it's effecting my work, but looks like I have no choice. I imagine it'll be at least that long before she will let me try something else.