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02-10-13, 01:57 PM
Hey everyone, I am needing to start looking for a new doctor. The one I go to prescribes vyvanse, which is fine, but I suspect he may pull the plug and stop prescribing it.

I'm in Fresno, CA and I don't know where to begin searching for a doctor who is stimulant-friendly. Trial and error will be tough as I don't have money to blow on appointments. Any ideas?

02-10-13, 03:08 PM
why do you think the doctor would stop prescribing your medication?

02-10-13, 06:46 PM
Sorry, I wrote up that post in a hurry. He was reluctant to prescribe it to begin with. Long story short, he hinted that he may want to stop prescribing it to me. I have not exhibited any drug-seeking behavior, either.

02-10-13, 08:36 PM
Go online, look for psychiatrists who specialize in ADD and then call them to conduct a phone interview before coming in. Ask about how much they charge, tell them what you're prescribed and why. They will ask you many questions to scan you, to make sure you're not an addict and your reasons in seeking further treatment are because you have ADD. Be prepared for this though: almost every single doctor will at first assume that you're an addict, unless you prove them otherwise.
Just be honest and they will soon understand that you're a legit patient, with a legit illness wanting to be treated. Doctors are pretty good at figuring out who's who, even over the phone, since they meet both addicts and legit patients constantly.
Also, try to find a doctor who is a listener, rather than a talker who will rush you to get on with what you're saying. If they sound arrogant and enjoy hearing themselves talk more than listen to you with patience, they're going to give you problems later on when you choose them. Also avoid nay sayers. Those who doubt that you have ADD/ADHD and will want you to jump through hoops before they believe you. There are many good doctors out there. And some not so good ones. Good luck!

02-10-13, 10:11 PM
Thanks! I never knew you could do a pre-interview over the phone like that.

02-10-13, 10:20 PM
You're welcome. Yes, if you're calling a private practice (not a hospital), the doc will call you back when you call him (you leave your name, number and a quick explanation about the nature of your potential visit on the voice mail) and you can ask them questions and they ask you questions as well. That's been my experience.
Make sure you have a reasonable answer when he/she asks you why you are changing docs. This is something they'll always ask. And your answer can make all the difference in whether or not they will see you. If they get the feeling that your shopping for a new doc because you want to up your med dose and your old doc won't do it, this is obviously a red flag for them and they will not see you. Naturally they don't want to lose their license because the patient is constantly asking for a higher dose due to being an addict.