View Full Version : Catching the Truth

02-12-13, 12:12 AM

There's a point in life where we don't know where we are nor where we're going. We get stuck in a point in which we don't know who we are. Yet our strongest weapon is to understand ourselves, before wanting to understand the universe, we must undertsand who we are. Sometimes we do some really stupid things and can't understand why we did it. Somebody who doesn't understand himself is useless, somebody who doesn't think about himself is stupid. Inside ourselves, inside our lives and actions, inside our psychology is the answer to who we are. And once we understand who we are, we obtain the most powerful weapon catchable to man kind.

Death is the only limit, don't underestimate yourself. From there, everything is posible. And all the imposible can be found in death. So until that limit comes and we find the eternal pause, we own the infinite and climb to the top. Yet, if we don't know ourselves, we don't know our talents, and if we don't know our talents, all this is no more than just an imaginary trip.