View Full Version : I Think I Broke My Hand This Afternoon ....

02-12-13, 11:18 PM
....While rushing around about noonish, I somehow caught and did something to the outside of my left hand .....

...I thought I broke my finger cause I surely heard a small "crack" .......then got immediately mildy sick to my stomach, and it hut rather a lot ....

...I could still bend my finger, so we taped my little finger to the one next to it and headed out to Sam's Club forward to about 5 or so , and I notice that no the finger isn't swelling, but the side of my hand is ...... thumb, and first two fingers are working just fine ....but the left side of my hand is getting more and more swollen and it hurts if I poke at it ...

......I rely on my hands more than most people as I am a craftsman ....

.....I don't have any money I am not sure what to do a bill at the hospital ? ..... the very least I think x-rays are nessessary ...just in case ....but then again....i couldn't afford to have anything like surgery done ...

free or low cost clinics don't seem to take care of broken bones ....

I can't tell you how much this sucks ....

02-12-13, 11:24 PM
As you can move your finger you probably have not broken your finger or any bones leading up to it. (source adhd childhood and mum who is a nurse)

But as you say I would go for that x-ray to make sure but they probably will just give you and anti inflammatory and pain killers. (maybe even a bandage/splint to hold it still if it is broken)

02-12-13, 11:39 PM
OUCH!! That's awful! So sorry to read that.

For what it's worth, I've heard/read that by law, hospitals cannot turn you away or deny you treatment/surgery and whatevers' necessary if you go in and tell them that you're currently unemployed/ aren't making enough money to be able to pay.

You can also call the free clinics around where you live and ask if they can refer you to a hospital that accepts patients with no/low income. You might have to go into the ER of the free clinic first though. I think they might want to see you first. And they might be able prescribe you a painkiller to get you through until you see a doctor at the hospital.

02-12-13, 11:56 PM
I doubt anything is broken or even fractured. The pain would be excruciating if they were, I know. You would not be sitting here typing.

02-13-13, 12:09 AM
Um is there a medi merge or general practicioner that has x ray machine and explain to them your situation and see if you could make payments as you cant afford the fee up front.I dont think hospitals can turn you away if you dont have insurance its called charity care/charity case.Can you wrap it up not to tight and ice it and se ehow you feel tommorow or in a day or so.Im sorry you have to suffer like this.

02-13-13, 12:11 AM
From experience, the outside of the hand can swell quite a bit from soft-tissue injury only . . . would probably be worth re-examining the issue after a couple of days (if it is broken and doesn't set well, that's not such a good thing).

(the pop you heard could also be a subluxation or even a dislocation)

02-13-13, 12:14 AM
....Oh I am no stranger to broken bones, ....twice my left arm , same place .....

fell off a horse ( a very large horse !) and cracked my pelvic bone in 3 places ....hallucinated with pain that time ....

broke the tiny little bone at the very end of my pinkie fending off a board that was falling on me in the garage.....

...and I took 4 advils once ....( today that is)

I don't do pain very well....

02-13-13, 12:17 AM
Oh and I am typing with my right hand and the index and thumb of my laft hand ....

02-13-13, 12:58 AM
Are you icing it?

02-13-13, 05:39 AM
Salleh: I tripped and banged my hand against the way coming down the stairs 2 years ago...I could still move my fingers and so I didnt think it was broken..thats what the internet said after all. About an hour later I couldnt deal anymore, went to the ER and found out I had broken my 4th and 5th metacarpal. I got an air cast, sling and the next day had to go see an ortho. The hand is so delicate, if you dont fix it or set it asap the long term damage and functionality of the hand will never be the same. My isnurance didnt cover all of the xrays so I had to make payment arrangments long term. Girl, your jewelry is to beautiful for you to risk hand damage. Check it out please!

02-13-13, 05:40 AM
2 years ago I broke my 4th and 5th metacarpal and could still move my fingers, it was the pain that sent my to hospital and I am glad i went.

As you can move your finger you probably have not broken your finger or any bones leading up to it. (source adhd childhood and mum who is a nurse)

But as you say I would go for that x-ray to make sure but they probably will just give you and anti inflammatory and pain killers. (maybe even a bandage/splint to hold it still if it is broken)

02-13-13, 06:19 AM
Oh no :( I think if you can still move your finger it's probably not fractured. Hopefully, it's just a sprain. It sounds painful though. Hope it gets better soon!!!

02-13-13, 06:31 AM
I got a flake fracture in my pinkie when I was 23. Since then I can't paint or write as neat as I used to. Get it checked out Salleh. I could still move my finger. I didn't know it was broken until the Dr called me.

02-13-13, 11:57 AM
....It's the next morning, and I have been dithering about whether to go or not, and until I am actually in the car ....I will dither further .....

...I slept late, only woke up when Janet came downstairs ....and my first thought was ...go get x-rayed .......and then I re-read these comments and re-thought the info I got last night ( I googled to a fare-thee-well)...... is still swollen, but that is my doing .....I really.... really.... hate icing body parts...

.....It does still hurt , but other than the first few has been under the "OMG I have to get this looked at right NOW!" level .....( about 10 years ago, I spilled coffee on the top of my foot, bringing some to a friend ,....and within seconds I was sitting and yanking tennie and sock off, and within 5 or 10 minutes I knew I had to head for the emergency room ......deep second degree burns....I had the scar for many years....) and this is no where near that point ....

.......I really have no money for anything ......& I have to buy a "new" car when I get back to California, AND find a newe lace to live that will start to cost me money, remeber I haven't paid rent with cash for the last 3 years or so .....but with my labor, fixing furniture for Mike......

...But I am a doctors daughter and my knee jerk re-action is to go to the doctor .......

.......with all that taken into consideration, I will make a couple of call to local low cost clinics....if I can get it x-rayed for nothing .....and I am well-qualified for that !....then I would be foolish not to do so ....but if not ....I will wait and see some more .....but probably not, unless something alarms me more than right now ....

02-13-13, 02:42 PM
(((Salleh))) I'm so sorry.
I know what it's like to live in fear of needing a doctor/hospital with no insurance.

02-13-13, 04:25 PM
I hope you find a way to get it checked out properly. Maybe you taped your fingers too tight or something.