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01-20-05, 11:13 AM
Hello all,

It's still several months away, but for those who are interested I wanted to let you know that a Coalition of eight non-profit groups in Louisiana will be presenting our third biennial conference on Reading Disabilities and AD/HD on September 22-23 in Baton Rouge. It appears that ours is the only conference combining these topics, and our past two conferences have been very successful. Speakers for previous conferences have included Robert Brooks, Sam Goldstein, Gordon Sherman, Jane Fell Greene, Louisa Moats, Rick Lavoie, Emerson Dickman, Larry Silver, and Reid Lyon. For the 2005 Conference, we have scheduled Bennet and Sally Shaywitz, Clare Jones, Sharon Weiss, Malatesha Joshi, and Terri Bellis.

Frankly, I am not as familiar with those speakers who specialize in reading problems as I am with those who are well-known in AD/HD circles, but I understand that these are big names among dyslexia specialists. In any case, attendance has been right at the fire-marshal limits for previous conferences, and responses to evaluations have been terrific. As a volunteer on the Steering Committee for the conferences, I can assure you that each Conference takes almost two full years to plan and is worth every minute.

If anyone is interested in either or both of these topics and would like more information, please post a note and/or visit our website at We are just finalizing some of the details so I need to work on the site, but bookmark it and check back for updates as you have the chance.

Take care!