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02-15-13, 11:09 AM
This is my first post. Can anyone suggest how to handle getting prescriptions for your college students who are out of state? My son goes to college in another state (2.5 hrs) from home, but in another state. He is an athlete as well. The problem we are having is with his primary care doctor who refuses to prescribe his meds w/o seeing him every 3 months. This is very difficult and expensive (gas). We have explained to the doctor that (1) he is out of state (2) has classes, and some evening classes as well, and (3) when he is not in classes he is on the field. We have had to make arrangements w/the school and his coach to allow him to come and see the doctor to get the prescription. Is this normal?? Any suggestions? Is there anyway for the doctor to provide him w/at least a 3 month prescription for refills so that I do not have to go and pick it up and have it filled? I understand that this is a serious prescription but certainly you can have put on there not to refill until 30 days are up. Has anyone done this? Should we get another doctor?


02-15-13, 12:14 PM
First, check with your insurance about quantity limits for meds, and check on your state's regulations.

Does your son have health insurance and/or access to a psychiatrist or other medical doctor on his campus? (Or could he get a referral to a local doctor that would be covered under some insurance plan?)

If he has a well-documented history of diagnosis and medication use, and perhaps some input from you, it will be easier to find a doctor willing to prescribe. That said, some colleges' and universities' health centers expressly forbid their doctors to prescribe stimulants because of abuse concerns. Still, they should be able to refer to a local outside doctor if that's the case.

This could allow him to continue getting his medication without having to make a long drive every few months. It would have the added benefit of providing a local contact person who can keep tabs on your son's health.

Although visits every 3 months may seem excessive if your son's been stable on meds for a while, bear in mind that college is a time of new challenges. There are much greater demands for self-structure and time-management, and some people with ADHD become totally overwhelmed by this. It's a prime time of maturation (or kinda-sorta maturation) of some of the parts of the brain responsible for executive function. And college frequently comes with terrible sleeping and eating habits and occasional binge-drinking. So checking in every 3 months might not be such a bad idea.

Finally, I applaud you for trying to ensure that your son's treatment doesn't fall by the wayside as he makes this transition to college. That said, I'd also encourage you to gradually insist that he take the reins for his own treatment (scheduling appointments, arranging refills, etc.). As an athlete, he may also have access to special academic support resources, and he'd be wise to take advantage of them. Similarly, you may want to encourage him to take the initiative to register with the school's disability services office, if he hasn't already. (And also register his meds with the NCAA if they're something he can get a medical waiver for to avoid future problems...)

Finally-finally, welcome to ADDF!

02-15-13, 01:43 PM
I would definately pursue seeing a doc on campus. It seems very unreasonable and unrealistic to expect him to travel to a different state every 3 months to pick up a prescription...

02-15-13, 03:26 PM
a new doctor.

02-21-13, 04:32 AM
you are right