View Full Version : UK: Private psychiatrist for Adult ADD - Any suggestions?

02-18-13, 05:43 PM
Greetings. I've seen an English psychiatrist on the NHS, in the hope of diagnosis and possible treatment for ADD. It was a frustrating experience.

The psychiatrist I saw doesn't deal with ADD, didn't think I had ADD, but spoke to an ADD specialist, then wrote to me saying the ADD specialist (who has not seen me) agreed with her assessment. The ADD specialist would in any case be extremely reluctant to prescribe if I did have ADD, because I have [mild] hypertension and bladder neck obstruction. I could see that ADD specialist but it sounds totally futile. I want to see someone sympathetic who has an interest in Adult ADD, and feel I will have to pay.

Does anyone have any suggestions about who I could see privately for assessment in the UK? I can't afford to spend a lot. I live in Yorkshire but am willing to travel to London, Edinburgh, wherever. Thanks, R