View Full Version : The Random Funny Image or Video Thread

02-18-13, 06:08 PM
If you find a funny video or image, share it here.
The only rule I can think of is, avoid things that are "not safe for work".

Here's a random funny/weird video :D

03-08-13, 06:57 PM
As usual, I'm always deleting my youtube videos because I'm either not satisfied with my username or I just lost interest... :lol:

Here's another random video I made that basically is an inside joke (you have to be both a Shaytard's fan and a pokemon game fan to get it)
It's kind of random, so I guess it's funny even if you don't really get the joke.. lol

06-03-13, 01:51 AM


If you need a laugh, check this out, especially if you love kitty-cats:

06-22-13, 02:05 AM