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02-21-13, 07:55 PM
Since i started wellbutrin, I tend to get sick very often, as if my immune system is weakened. I was wondering if this is a common side effect or does it have nothing to do with the well ? any experiences?

02-22-13, 01:17 AM
Are you eating well and taking supplements? If not, that could be the case.

02-22-13, 07:26 AM
I am eating well and I am taking various supplements including garlic, multi vitamin Iron

02-22-13, 07:38 AM
Hmm...that's strange. I've never noticed anything like that on Wellbutrin. Adderall made me sick all the time and made my auto-immune disease a lot worse but not Wellbutrin.

Could be a coincidence...if you're depressed, your immune system is already weak

02-22-13, 07:55 AM
I'm guessing (by your screen name) that you're taking Ritalin as well as Wellbutrin?

If so, the stims do cause some depletion of certain nutrients, like Calcium and not sure what else, but I'm guessing and feel that there's quite a lot of nutrients either not metabolized well due to interference by the stims, or just depleted since the body uses more energy when we take stims....It could be the over-stimulation of the center nervous system using up more energy and depleting the body of nutrients.

Also not all vitamin supplements really work that great unfortunately. And our bodies can't always utilize these synthetic vitamins as well as food nutrients.
The best utilized vitamins actually come in plant based green powder type supplements and tend to be kinda pricey. They sell them in Natural Foods markets or you can get them online.

It could be that the food in your diet is making your blood PH levels acidic and since the medications are also acidic, that's an extra acidic system, and an acidic system means a weaker immune system.
You can alkalize your blood PH levels by eating more alkaline foods (if you google: "alkaline and acidic food chart" you can find which foods are which) and eat less of the acidic ones. A quick way to alkalize your system is drinking a large spoonful of baking powder in a glass of water, or eat a TUMS, take an Alka Seltzer etc all stuff that will eliminate acid.
But of course the healthiest way is by eating alkaline based foods, like dark leafy vegetables.
Hope this helps :)

02-23-13, 01:47 AM
A typo correction I noticed too late (ran out of time to edit them):

I meant to write: "central nervous system", not "center nervous system". LOL ;)