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02-22-13, 05:21 PM
Hi everyone,

I have previously wrote about how Kundalini Yoga has helped me manage ADHD ( I wanted to share an exercise set (which are called kriyas) from the Kundalini Yoga discipline, which I have found to give me profound benefits in dealing with ADHD.

The name of the kriya is “Control your domain” or “Master your domain”. This kriya works by strengthening the navel area (solar plexus chakra) so you have more energy, focus and determination. Also, it enables blood to circulate more easily to the limbs and glands so you can move into action without blocks. The link below has details of the full set.

I have practiced this for 120 days consecutively and I can honestly this has transformed my life beyond recognition. I don’t have the energy drains like I used to and can easily get my day going. Things I struggled with previously like getting off the sofa to get ready and go out of the house have significantly subsided. As a result the days flow a lot more smoothly and I can complete tasks as planned. Beforehand, I often ended the day feeling frustrated but now I more often feel a greater sense of achievement.

Give it a try for yourself. There are in total 8 postures, 2 of which meditative. They don’t demand much flexibility, which is good for guys like me. At full timings the kriya should last for 35-40 mins. To start with you might want to halve the timings and increase them as you build up strength in your navel area. To get transformational benefits, you need to try practice this kriya everyday over at least 40 days. No big deal if you miss the odd day.

You can view a full demonstration of the kriya on youtube by doing a search on “Master your domain with Anne Novak” (I couldn’t provide a youtube link since they seem to create technical problems when posting).

Get in touch if you have questions or feedback. I would love to hear your experiences.

With love and light,


02-22-13, 06:10 PM
I should add for exercises 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B you need to do breath of fire through the mouth. This involves the following steps:
1. Make an "O" with your mouth.
2. Pull navel in and simultaneously exhale forcefully through the mouth
3. Continue with one or two exhales every second.
4. Do not consciously inhale, this should happen automatically when you relax the navel momentarily after exhaling.

03-04-13, 10:59 AM
Quick update. I have practiced the exercises posted in my initial message for five months everyday. The benefits continue to get better. I don't have the resistance that I used to have to get on with productive activities. As a result I can deal with so much more and not feel overwhelmed like I used to. Amazing transformation.