View Full Version : Is cymbalta as good as it gets??

02-25-13, 09:16 PM
Hey Guys

I have inattentive ADHD, ever since I started taking medication for it I am a new person. I am taking cymbalta and it has helped me so much, I can express myself better, I no longer have that tip of the tongue syndrome, I am more alert and motivated, no to mention it has cleared up my social anxiety, and it helps me bounce back from the walls when i get down.

However, it has made me more impulsive and hyperactive (i have never been hyperactive before), i am still very disorganized, and my organizational stills are still challenged. I also can no longer have an orgasim.

My doctor have me dexamphetime when i need to study. It makes me feel a bit more focused, however it makes me focus on the wrong things therefore it is so hard to actually start what i set out to do (i am at the library at the moment i am supposed to be studying maths but all i have done is look up add forums and irrelevent things),

so the thing is i am the happiest i have ever been in my life. But i also thing that a SNRI is not exactly suited to me as i feel like i have never had an issue with serontonin, it is just dopamine and norephinreine, and it seems that serotonin counter balances dopamine, therefore the higher my serontonin, the lower my dopamine gets hence the increased impulsive and hyperactive tendencies.

I was thinking of changing from cymbalta to a dopamine and norephinerine reuptake inhibitor such as Bupropion which the brand name is wellbutrin.
But then there is another part of me thats things why rock the boat, maybe this is as good as it gets. but then i think well don't i deserve to have the medication that is perfectly tailored to me. what do you guys think? Your insight would be really helpful

02-26-13, 02:00 AM
Yes that's accurate . Any sa med pretty much screws up adhd but wellbutrin kind of gives you heavy head. Take and you will understand

02-28-13, 08:40 PM
Try either a higher dose of Cymbalta where the Norepinephrine effect becomes more pronounced and begins overpowering the Serotonin, or try Strattera. It is a pure NRI (Norepinephrine) but also indirectly raises Dopamine. Really, try it! It's commonly used in ADHD treatment if stimulants fail, and it has none of the nasty serotonin re-uptake side effects.

I was on it before Cymbalta and it worked brilliantly for my ADHD but made me feel flat, meaning I probably needed the serotonin boost (and it turned out I did).

03-01-13, 09:58 AM
How about Prozac ?

03-01-13, 10:07 AM
I think, Venlafaxine (effexor) at very high doses inhibits dopamine reuptake as well. It's an SNRI as well, like Cymbalta. I found though that it didn't help with depression but made me quite suicidal.

Setraline at higher doses inhibits dopamine reuptake as well, if I remember right. I found it very effective for depression (at least for a while) but it did nothing for focus or concentration.

Sigh, but then Cymbalta doesn't seem to do much for me in any way either.

Meds affects everyone else differently though. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, can't you get a stimulant prescribed? I've heard that wellbutrin helps with ADHD symptoms but I don't think it's as effective as stimulants.

03-01-13, 07:50 PM
They help me, hinder in some ways but I am not me feeling anxious . It's all a stress response with social anxiety .

Which one , anxiety and social shyness . These meds stop that cold

Cymbalta Effexor Prozac

Which one ?