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02-27-13, 12:20 AM
...OK ladies your hearts out .....:lol:...went watch hunting with my watch guy Sat...picked up a working pocket watch from 1879 ...and this little beauty ....

14k solid gold, and I still have to get to a jeweler to find out what the stones are ....but I am hoping for diamonds and pink saphires.....they don't usually set fake stones in solid gold ....sterling silver yes, and gold plated ...sometimes evn over sterling ...but solid gold is usually reserved for real stones .....

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02-27-13, 12:38 AM
Show the pocket watch!

02-27-13, 01:25 AM
This is a Hampden watch, one of the earliest, it is a lever set .....see the little thingy near the edge of the dial, at the 5 pull that out ...turn the crown to set the hands, push it back in, then wind that huge crown .....and you're good to go .....( after you close the bezel ).....

it's a 15 jewel watch, which was a lot for that time .....and it's a size 18 which is the second biggest, and like most of the watches of it's time is thick ! ...

..Of course ....I have managed to break the crystal already ....( actually it's the first time I have broken a crystal ...melted one a couple of weeks ago trying to buff out the scratches ....those grinders are powerful ..snicker....) ....but the crystal was glass and had too many scratches in it it's just as well ....

it runs nicely and keeps time really well ....very accurate wearers of quartz watches are used to your watch keeping time ....even a $3 watch from Walmart keeps perfect time .....better than just about any mechanical watch ....

of course quartz watches have no soul, but call me prejudiced .....

any decent mechanical watch ticks at the very least, 3 times a second, which is 180 times a minute .....= 10,800 times an hour .....some of the highest quality watches tick 18,000 times a hour ,,,..

says something about mechanical watches doesn't it ? .....and the newest of my watches is from the 80s,......I have lots of watches that are 60 to 90 years old ...and they all work very well .....

...oh and they hadn't yet invented wrist watches when that pocket watch was made ....

the movement is covered by what is known as a "full plate" and it has 2 back covers....

02-27-13, 02:12 AM
I think we'll be going back to wrist watches soon. With Sony's new curved touch glass we're going to be wearing ultra thin cell phones on our wrists methinks.

That pocket watch is PIMP!

02-27-13, 03:37 AM
Love them both! The watch looks like it was an antique and it's beautiful.

That ring is gorgeous! LOVE PINK diamonds. Hope they're real. Trying to think what other stone/gem they could be. Maybe pink sapphire? That would be lovely too, since sapphire is the second hardest stone after diamond. They won't get a scratch that easy -if at all- and therefore the most popular and valuable gem stones.

Yes, you're right, you won't find glass, crystal or cubic zirconium set in pure gold jewelry.
Curious what a jewelry specialist will say the stones are. You should have it looked at :)

02-27-13, 07:20 AM
Impressed, get them valued?

02-27-13, 08:24 AM
Beautiful. Especially, the ring!!!

02-27-13, 09:12 AM
Once the new crystal is in the watch it will be worth about $100-$175 ....which is not bad as I got it for $ isn't one of the more valuable models of that company ...they can go much higher ...but not this one ....maybe a bit more as the book I found it in was published in 2007 ....but what with the recession, values are not increasing on the mid-range watches ....

the high end ones are holding ...but the rich people are not struggling much a matter of fact they're doing really well.....nice huh ....

ok not going down that road ....

but I was thinking about this watch was made in 1879, has a back cover, under that a dust cover, and then a full plate to protect the inner workings of the watch ...only the main balance wheel is exposed ....and it is still covered by those 2 backs

then it dawned on me 1879, roads in the cities were brick or cobblestone ...and few towns were paved at all ...and none of the roads between towns ....

They spent a lot of thought in protecting the inner works of a watch from dust and dirt cause they had to !.....dirt and grit is the mortal enemy to a watches iner workings ....those cogs and wheels need to be able to move easily and consistantly in order to keep time ....

we take for granted that roads are paved,....and streets in all towns / unpaved road is a rarity....

Even in the remotest parts of the Scottish highlands are beautifully paved .....only one car wide, but they are pothole free and really very pretty .....( bump outs about every 1/4 of a mile so that cars can pass each other )

and here in the states, I have been through the midwest, up and down the west coast, and out to Mass, Cape Cod and Maryland ....Pennsylvania, Texas .....dirt roads are rare .....never been to the south .....maybe more parts of that area are unpaved .....

02-27-13, 10:30 AM
The ring is gorgous! Looks like you got a good deal on both of 'em.

Out here in farm country there are lots of dirt roads. Most of the streets
in the towns and cities are paved now, but the roads that divide the
countryside into 1 mile squares . . . they're dirt and sand and grit.

02-27-13, 09:48 PM

There's what the back of the watch looks like it sorta checked out today is 14k solid gold ....and the clear stones are diamonds ...but the lady at the jewelers could only test for that ...

the gemologist is closed on Wed !!!! arrrgghhhh .....

but both of the jewelers I talked to today believe that the pink stones are pink saphires .....but I will double check that with the gemologist probably tomorrow ro the next day ......

.....the first jeweler ( who was nearly excited by this ring as I was ...even gave it a quick clean and dry ...oh my it does sparkle under store lights !!!!.....

she thought it was worth 6 to 800 dollars .....retail

the other jeweler thought 4 to 600 dollars .....retail ...

did I dance on clouds the rest of the afternoon ...???

you bet I did

I paid $50 ...hee hee .

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LUNACIE !!!!!! did those snow storms alleviate your drought ?????

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02-27-13, 10:34 PM
Wow! That's great news Salleh!

Yea, I had a feeling the pink stones were probably pink sapphire.

I'm a bit of a gem stone and jewelry addict ;) And antique jewelry.

Can't believe you've only paid $50!! Where did you get it from? A pawn shop? I haven't had much luck in finding that big of a bargain jewelry sold in pawn shops to be honest. Usually they're sold even above their value.
I don't know what these pawn shop owners are thinking.
I'm sure they do well, selling to people who aren't jewelry connoisseurs/hobbyists like myself. I even have my own weighing scale for jewelry (to weigh the gold) and bring it in with me, since sometimes theirs is giving incorrect measures.

Great find :) Enjoy.

02-27-13, 11:31 PM
Nope I gotta sell it ....that's what I do ...only it;s usally watches .....just got was a second hand/antique shop that defines funky .....there were about 8 rings, 1 bracelet ( silver and abalone Gerry got that one) ....a few quartz watches ( get them things away from me ) ....the pocket watch ...and that ring was in this group of easy to see were cr** rings ....but this one stuck out

......gerry got a vintage Bauche and Lombe solid brass ( under the black paint chipping along the edge a little bit ) microscope ...we looked on ebay and found one not as nice and not as old that sold for $847 I was more than a little jealous that he scored that ...and for $20 ! .....

so we both made out like bandits .....nice to know we each scored big .....

oh and the jewelry was on the top shelf of a dark glass showcase, barely seen .....but we asked to see it and now the rest is history .....

the guys on my vintage watch forum are a bit jealous of me ....cause I am pretty lucky in finding sleepers ...6 months ago I got a Hamilton K-150 ....and I didn't know till one of the guys wrote me to say sit down, and don't have a heart attack .....but that watch is 18 k gold and it is very rare .....I picked it up for $60 .....

just traded it to one of the guys on the forum for 7 Hamiltons, and $200 cash .....sold 2 of the Hammy's this last week for $430....still have 5 left ! .....

course I spend 50 to 80 hours a week on ebay when I am buying watches ....and I have several tricks I have learned to get the good deals .....

so I know what you mean ...I carry a loupe with me at all times.....

02-27-13, 11:45 PM
so we both made out like bandits .....nice to know we each scored big .....

Haha! That's smart! I would have too! :giggle:

Great job! Hope you fetch a great price for it :) Let us know how much you've sold it for. So curious to find out!

I need to get me one of those loupe thingies. :)

02-28-13, 12:12 AM
Last year I went nuts and bought about 7 of them on ebay ...they are really cheap, and I lose them like I lose scissors ....especially if you can wait and have it shipped from China .....China stuff is cheap , but about 3 weeks en route .....

02-28-13, 12:39 AM
Starry you think this might be part of a wedding ring set ?

02-28-13, 02:59 AM
Starry you think this might be part of a wedding ring set ?

Absolutely. That's the first thing I thought when I saw it. It's a wedding ring.

As lovely as it is on its own, this design has solely been created to be worn next to an engagement ring.

How old do you think it is Salleh?

02-28-13, 05:40 PM
I have been asking myself that question since I got it .....the back is worn down a bit , but it's hard to tell just how much .....

I spent a couple of hours this morning checking out different sites for prices ..and they're all over the map, and also looked for one like mine ....came close, but none of them have 3 rows, much less the pretty pink ....the nice thing is that someone could easily pair this with a lot of different engagement rings ...

or even wearing it by itself is nice ....and looks good ....

I do want to have it checked out by the I would like to know what the quaility of the stones are besides a firm decision about the pink stones.....I think now that the chances are very good that they are pink saphires ....

but a gemologist can give me some concrete details

02-28-13, 07:47 PM
Wow, good find! My grandpa owns an antique store and probably would have given his right arm for something like this! The history behind these things is always what fascinates me. Have you managed to put a date on the ring?

02-28-13, 07:51 PM
AWESOME, Salleh.

Yup, that's why you gotta raise your prices on that Steampunk stuff. It's hot right now, and there are still rich people with money to buy it and your stuff is one of a kind...

03-01-13, 09:41 PM
....Yep, It's saphires, pink saphires ....oh goodie ....forgot to ask them to size it for me, and it would be $65 to have a written appraisal....... ..but at least I can guarentee it to be genuine stones and gold ....

I ordered a jewelers scale tha t should asrrive soon so at least I can get the gold value, although the lady at the genologists told me there was at least a couple of hundred worth of gold in the ring ....

.....and it would be had to date the ring , I have found lots of examples very much like this, although none with 3 rows of stones, from all decades ....

...and yes this is the prettiest one I have seen .....but then again, I am a bit prejuiced !

03-01-13, 10:19 PM
Yayy! Great news!

Oh how I love pink sapphires :) Would love that in my engagement ring....a perfectly diamond cut 11 carat pink sapphire surrounded by diamonds or -if he can't afford it- then white sapphires ;)

A pink diamond would be even better of course but unfortunately Bill Gates is already married and I'm not expecting a proposal from him any time soon ;) :giggle:

03-02-13, 04:33 AM
I'm not to fancy on pink but that is absolutely beautiful!!

03-02-13, 09:21 AM
Oh an starry ...I got a 40 power loupe from the states last night ...for 3.98 and free shipping last night on the bay that is an e .....they come in all powers .....but 4 bucks each is worth an investment eh ? ....

oh and it's illuminated, and comes with the batteries ....

I looked at the 60powers but they were microscope parts type .....and I wasn't sure I could work them .....

you know how to use one doncha ?

03-02-13, 10:11 AM
Oh an starry ...I got a 40 power loupe from the states last night ...for 3.98 and free shipping last night on the bay that is an e .....they come in all powers .....but 4 bucks each is worth an investment eh ? ....

oh and it's illuminated, and comes with the batteries ....

I looked at the 60powers but they were microscope parts type .....and I wasn't sure I could work them .....

you know how to use one doncha ?

Nice!! Congrats!

I don't know how to use all types, but I kinda have an idea on the one that looks like a small magnifying glass that you hold up close to your eye and inspect the diamond. Or gem.

I've done a search and there were instructions on how to use, on almost all types online, so once I get one, I'll probably read up on the how-to's.

One site was claiming that the best type of lens/glass is a 10xx or something like that.

I know how to figure out if a diamond is real, by a few tests you can do just with the naked eye, and they work pretty good, if you're not inside a jewelry store.
They have all those bright lights inside the jewelry stores that make it near impossible to tell the fake from the real. And the lights make even the simplest little item look like a million dollars.
So I would need one of those loupes when in a jewelry store.

Have fun with your new loupe :) You got a nice deal on that too!

03-02-13, 12:50 PM
ok here is the closest I came to a similar ring has 9 sapphires, and 28 diamonds ....mine has 11 sapphires, and 20 diamonds .....they are about the same size ....until I get the loupe ....I can't quite tell how good the stones are ....

the price on this is $757.....

and I think mine is prettier .....

03-02-13, 02:28 PM
Yours IS prettier, I like the shape better, and the pink sapphires. Are you going to sell it? What a find! I love the watches, by the way.

I've never been able to keep a watch. I always forget to put it on, and forget to look at it. Once the battery goes, I just quit using it, and I usually lose the watch. Looks like I should get a neat old wind-up, and not lose the darn thing.

Salleh, it's interesting, your fascination with watches, and having ADHD. We're never really good with time, are we?

Maybe we're all like busted watches. We're beautiful on the outside, but something in the mechanics just doesn't work, and if we could only tweak it... Our insides (mind) are fascinating, beautiful things, with beautiful cogs and wheels, and when one little things is off, the watch doesn't work. It must be comforting to work on watches, because they are mechanical instruments. You find the problem, fix/repair the part, and it works! I enjoyed my small engines class because of that. If only our minds were like that, fix the part and presto!

03-02-13, 03:39 PM
well, I have always loved gadgets ...and there is no more a gadgety thing than a watch of the first gadgets I think .....

and the thing is .....a mechanical watch has a soul that is lacking in a quartz watch .....they tck ffrom their little mechanical hearts ....

howeve, unless you work a regualr job .....remembering to wind the watch is hard to do ...I find that for everyday watch wearing automatic watch is the way to go .... shake it back an forth for about 20 seconds set the time and you're good to go....and if you take it off at night it should still be running the next morning, and putting it back on, just winds it up again basically it will run as long as you keep wearing it .....

....for months .....

...and every 5 to 7 years you get it serviced cost between 50 and 100 dollars, depending on where and who does it,but then you're good to go for another 5 to 7 years....

....get yourself a quality vintage watch .....and there are a lot of affordable ones ....between 60 and a couple of hundrend that should last many more decades ....just ask me, and I'll be glad to head you in the right direction .....

03-02-13, 10:56 PM
Rock On. No pun intended.




03-03-13, 06:33 AM
Btfl - my turn